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Happy Father's (and Cool Uncle's) Day!


You know who you are. Hope you all have a great day with your offspring.


Happy Fathers Day!


I just wanted to second Njerry’s post but the board gremlin said I have to be more descriptive so here you go:



This goes out to the MWers who are fathers whether you have grown children or young ones. Have a great day today!


Happy Father’s Day guys! :thumbsup:



My son (age 7) recreated the final Calvin & Hobbes comic for me as a Father’s Day gift. It was of his own volition and a complete surprise.

I’m a lucky guy.


Yes, you are. :smiley:


The really cool thing is he added another panel taking it past the end.

He wants to take over Calvin and Hobbes from Bill Watterson, that’s his big goal right now.


I got a really nice fathers day card / booklet from my son that he made in school. Problem is, its in French, and I can barely undertand most of it!