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Happy Back To The Future Day, Everyone!


Great Scott!


This is heavy!




Stolen from Twitter, I’m afraid we’re in the wrong timeline!


Well now David Cameron has ruined it for everyone by making a BTTF joke at PMQs.


I bet he wishes he could go back in time and tell himself not to stick his dick in a dead pig.


Never getting old.


@Bruce: But in 2018, we get Rollerball!


The day has finally come!!! I’m going to the auto store to get a flight kit retro fitted to my truck. :wink:


They had a “dress up in 80s clothing” theme at work today.

So I decided to work at home.

With hindsight, I should have gone in, as I have clothing I actually bought in the 80s. That would teach the young whippersnappers!


Bob Gale never could have predicted today would be such a slow news day.


Y’know, if Doc Brown and the McFly kid hadn’t shown up at the live 3D Action Event with the prototype hoverboards and DARPA cars, he sure would have made life easier on us ground-bound!

Besides, that damned DeLorean would never pass emissions!


I heard a fan-theory today that had completely passed me by until now: in BTTF2, when 1955 Biff is chasing Marty in the tunnel in his car, he kills him in the original timeline. Then a grief-stricken Doc goes back in the Delorean and waits in the exact right place at the exact right time to rescue him with the line of bunting at the end of the tunnel. And that’s the timeline we see.

I don’t think it’s remotely possible that the filmmakers conceived it like this, but it’s a fun theory. :slight_smile: