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Hanna Barbera series


I’ve been researching Hanna Barbera series - and realising that it makes up a truly insane shared universe
when you take in all the adaptations and celebrity cameos and crossovers with both major comic book companies and various sitcoms, Batman and the Addams Family exist in the same universe (though they did in their tv series - as Lurch helped them out in an episode) and Davy Jones, Don Knotts, Don Adams, etc are real people, which means Davy Jones’ fellow former Coronation Street stars exist in the Hanna-Barbera universe.Both DC and Marvel universes are one, alongside Superted and Paddington and there are cartoon versions of Happy Days, the dukes of Hazzard, Lost in Space, Cantinflas

My friend Marc Zicree wrote for Superfriends - my friend Marc Zicree’s friend Jeffrey Gold, Clint J Palmer and Ryan Williams made the doc Green Isle, Nowhere Fast and Abby sINGER


I love seeing posters of all these HB characters together. It’s like seeing a DC or Marvel shared universe to me. Laff Olympics always blew my mind as a kid as they were all in one place.

They’re weirdly forgotten now, aren’t they? A shame as they were Gods to me.



Given that the live-action Addams Family and Batman are part of the Tommy Westphall Universe, you can theoretically link all the Hanna-Barbera stuff in there, even though this list doesn’t.


yes, only Scooby Doo and the Flintstones get reruns.
Not only like a DC/Marvel universe - it is both universes. The H-B Fantastic Four and that weird “Thing ring, do your Thing!” misleadingly-titled Fred and Barney meet the Thing spinoff (they only met in the credits…) and of course, Superfriends, etc.
But it’s weird when you see what they adapted - Partridge Family, Jeannie, BEWITCHED (HB did the titles), Laurel and Hardy, 3 Stooges, Godzilla (also in the Marvel-verse), Charlie Chan etc, it’s all these totemic things in American and indeed world culture.


Interesting how much they link to live action TV, not just guest stars but adaptions like Cosby Kids, etc. Also, of course, there’s the cartoon versions of successful sitcoms like the Bilko/ Top Cat connection. We never got Honeymooners over here so it was only as an adult I found out about the Flintstones connection.



You should check Future Quest by Jeff Parker, Doc Shaner and Steve Rude. It just started this year and it’s going on. It’s an absolutely wonderful update without changing anything about the characters.

I wish an animated series came out from this, because it’s amazing.


Personally the Future Quest series is pretty awesome on the whole nostalgia level. It has an effect that other characters don’t. Just like the He-Man vs Thundercats. It hit me right in the childhood, so I’m gonna give it as many chances as I can to blow my mind. Seeing backstories to characters such as Space Ghost or Birdman, which used to be unidimensional in their old iterations is keeping my interest peaked as well.


TECHNICALLY, Cosby Kids was Filmation but since they also did a Batman cartoon and various DC stuff plus versions of Mighty Mouse, Archie, Gilligan, Flash Gordon, Star Trek, Fantastic Voyage, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Tarzan, Flash Gordon plus He-Man, Bravestarr, they can be added into the multiverse too.
And Depatie-Freleng who also did Marvel stuff did the Pink Panther stuff (aside from that Pink Panther and Sons cartoon that H-B did and the Richard Williams titles for Strikes Again) and cartoons of Planet of the Apes, Doctor Dolittle, etc.