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Hands and Fishing (re DCTV)


Do we have a count yet of how many upper limbs have been chopped, amputated, removed, lopped off or otherwise removed on DC TV?

And FISH! How many fish or fishing references have we seen? Not counting the giant shark-guy in the khakis!

Fish Mooney.
Henry Allen “gone fishing”.
Zoom fishing for Flash.
The A.R.G.U.S. A.Q.U.A.R.I.U.M.

There is definitely a pattern here!

This is important.

It means something.

I’m just not too sure what.



We need a bigger boat!

What do you think all this means?


I really don’t know, but smells bad


I just hope people carp about this, instead of just leaving it to flounder. It’s one single sole issue!


The last time someone made a joke about hands and fish in the same sentence, I was 16, and…

… that’s right … you heard me… I can see your mind putting it together now …

… I was 16 and …

… we were talking about …


Geoff Johns has a brief that looks at ‘other media’, you know who to point at for the severed limbs. It’s bit of a speciality of his.


I just can’t believe nobody has made the ‘armless fun’ joke yet.


Someone just did.


Also waiting for “jumping the shark”.

It’s not like Millar was all innocent, what with his Nick Fury!


Okay, I forgot the victim in the central mystery of Black Magick.

Found, in water for weeks, missing the left hand.

Is someone making a Hand of Glory? That’s mighty evil stuff.

And, of course, Butch on Gotham.