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Had a weird dream last night!


Actually, this morning. The kids had me up at four but slipped back to bed from 8-10 and had an incredibly sensible and mundane dream where friends had found a gun and wanted to play target practice in someone’s house.

I said this was absolutely out of the question as the damage done wouldn’t be covered by their insurance and you should never fire a gun in such a confined environment. So they went outside and I woke up.

Is this what Health and Safety people dream, about???



I think your response was the only sensible one available. :smile:

Mundane dreams can be the most unsettling. You have one where Gandalf is your new boss and the office is attacked by Cybermen and wake up amused at how daft it is. I had one where all that happened was I got a parcel in the post and had to wait until after 9am to open it, for a reason I can’t remember. I woke up and actually went looking for the parcel and was quite let down when I realised I’d dreamt it all.


There’s only one explanation for it, Mark: you’re gay.

Dreams where you’re getting out of bed are the worst. I’ve been fooled by a couple of those before. Makes actually getting up even more of a chore. “I just did all this!”


At least you let them keep the gun to play with.

That’s a good thing, right?


I’ve mentioned this before, but once I had a dream where I kept getting up over and over again, and when i really did I questioned reality. It was Hell on Earth. Or in my head, I guess.


Matrioshka dreams. I get 'em combined with hypnagogics and sleep paralysis.

I’m sort of used to it by now. I’ve scared the shit out of people though who haven’t got a clue what’s going on when I suddenly bolt up, shout and am utterly convinced they’ve just tried to kill me.


Mike, can you tell the difference between the hypnogogic sleep and lucid dreaming because you did not kick in the conscious element? I’ve done a good bit of lucid dreaming and other Casteneda-like things, and I also had a close friend with narcolepsy. We did our best to compare experiences, but this was mid-Seventies-touchy-feely-rebirthing era, and the science was hidden over in the Physics Department. I did not experience sleep paralysis, but my friend sure did. There were times he stopped breathing - mid-sentence! - and fell asleep; started breathing again when he hit the sleep state, but it was scary.