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Hacksaw Ridge will win Mel Gibson the Oscar


I was mesmerised by this trailer:



That looks fantastic. He’s an incredible director. And actor.

Leathal Weapon came out while Badger was being published and I recall people wanting him for that role if it was ever made into a movie.
He’d be perfect as Old Man Logan, if not for Jackman.


Apocalypto, for all of it’s inaccuracy that people like to bring up, was a fantastic film.


He’s always been very talented, but he’s always had his personal demons.

I’m sure this will be a really good movie, I hope it helps him.


I feel that it will pack a punch, but might be too cornball to reach the mass appeal it needs.


I really don’t think it’s a problem if his pacifism and the effect on others is handled respectfully, which I think it will be.

Sincerity is key here; the real man was utterly sincere about his beliefs and his principles and that’s what’s coming across in the trailer.


There’s no doubting it’s sincerity for sure…and well, from what I hear the actual dude was real cool.

I hope Chief is right, cause then maybe we can get Gibson’s Viking epic.


It looks like a very good movie, but I think Gibson is still too unpopular to win. Maybe he could be nominated, but it’s a very tough field.


I’ve always loved Apocalypto, highly underrated as the story is quite compelling.


Who else is there this year? Scorsese?
My mind has gone blank.


Here’s the top contenders, according to Indiewire two weeks ago:

Damien Chazelle (“La La Land”)
Clint Eastwood (“Sully”)
Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight”)
Kenneth Lonergan (“Manchester by the Sea”)
Denis Villeneuve (“Arrival”)

Ben Affleck (“Live By Night”)
J.A. Bayona (“A Monster Calls”)
Warren Beatty (“Rules Don’t Apply”)
Jon Favreau (“The Jungle Book”)
David Mackenzie (“Hell or High Water”)
Mike Mills (“20th Century Women”)
Jeff Nichols (“Loving”)
Martin Scorsese (“Silence”)
Morten Tyldum (“Passengers”)
Denzel Washington (“Fences”)
Robert Zemeckis (“Allied”)

Long Shots:
Maron Ade (“Toni Erdmann”)
Andrea Arnold (“American Honey”)
Peter Berg (“Patriot’s Day”)
Tom Ford (“Nocturnal Animals”)
Mel Gibson (“Hacksaw Ridge”)
John Lee Hancock (“The Founder”)
Ang Lee (“Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”)
Rebecca Miller (“Maggie’s Plan”)
Mira Nair (“Queen of Katwe”)


Wow…now I can easily see Gibson snagging it if Hacksaw Ridge is good.


Wow. Such a terrible year for cinema. Makes 2015 look like 2014.

The frontrunners are mostly very dull and by numbers. I haven’t seen Ridge yet, but Apocalypto one of the best movies I saw that year. I think he’s a story-telling genius.



Hacksaw Ridge doesn’t have a UK release date yet, oddly. Presumably it’ll be out around the BAFTAs next year.


Judging from the trailer, there’s little doubt Hacksaw Ridge would be this year’s big Academy Awards winner if it weren’t for Mel Gibson himself. It’s exactly the kind of movie they love to give Oscars to. Great inspiring (and even patriotic, but also pacifist!) story, clearly some outstanding acting, true story, too… it wouldn’t even be a contest, looking at the other contenders.

As it is though, not a chance. This will certainly help get Mel Gibson back into the game, and into everybody’s good graces again, but there’s no way they’d give him an Oscar already art this point.


Surely playing Cable in Deadpool 2: The Sequel to Deadpool will win Mel Gibson the Oscar?


They need a director too…


I like the idea of Deadpool consistently trying to get Cable to sit on his home-made toilet so they can re-enact Lethal Weapon 2


The first film had the Wolverine jokes, they could do worse than spoof some of Gibson’s roles.


I think La La Land is going to take home the gold this year, just because 2016 has been generally shitty, and this looks like the kind of well done, bright pick-me-up that will strike people the right way at the right time. Hacksaw looks great and I really want to see it, but Mel Gibson has just done and said too much bad shit for the Academy to reward him. Then again, they seem to have forgotten Roman Polanski and Woody Allen’s alleged nonsense, so who knows. I don’t really care about the Oscars like I used to, as every year the movie I most want to win gets edged out by whoever had the best campaign.