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"Guilty pleasure" movies


I think the essence of a “guilty pleasure” is where you know the movie is a pile of excrement, but you love it anyway. The F&F films, for example, make no sense, and are completely implausible now. But, they’re just fun. Fun is terribly underrated, if you ask me.


That’s more “so bad it’s good” than guilty pleasure at that point.


I don’t know. Semantics, maybe? I probably didn’t help by overselling my point in my earlier post.

What are the variables we use to measure how good a movie is? Off the top of my head, I think of: Plot; Character; Script; Acting; Direction; Soundtrack; SFX.

A “guilty pleasure” movie, to me, may have serious flaws with one or two, but the other factors outweigh those so that you still enjoy them, in spite of those flaws (hence the guilt). Again, going back to the Fast & Furious films. Lots of problems with plot, and no one’s ever going to win an Academy Award for their acting ability on these; but the other factors hit the sweet spot for me, so that they are genuinely some of my favourite films.

Bad movies may succeed on one or two levels, but fail on everything else. The Transformers films, for example. I’ll admit that I do like Michael Bay’s directing style, and the series’ SFX is pretty cool; but that’s about it. Even I would struggle to say those are anything but bad movies (and we have already established that I have a pretty low chinning bar for movies, right? :wink:).

“So bad they’re good”, to me, implies a spectacular failure across all such factors. But you like them because of the dedicated level of incompetence required to make that happen - “how the hell did this get made?” I genuinely can’t think of a single movie that I would categorize as such.


But those movies aren’t piles of shit then, because they achieve exactly what they set out to do. An actually bad movie fails to achieve that.

If I think a movie is actually a bad movie that usually means it’s boring to me. Like, Aliens v Predator, or (Emmerich) Godzilla or the Schumacher Batman movies. Why would I re-watch something that bores me?

But I think it goes back more to what we mentioned with music: “guilty” pleasures aren’t really about the movie itself, the feeling of guilt is more about liking something that you know you’re not supposed to like - and there can be reasons other than (perceived) quality for that. Movies have target audiences, and being in the wrong one and still liking it can mean you feel guilty about that. And movies also project a certain image, and maybe you don’t want to be tied to that. (Humour in movies and TV shows is sometimes derived, for example, from tough guys liking Titanic or something.)

Say, there are movies that I think are really bad that everybody else thinks are great*. In the same way, say you’re a New York intellectual in a Woody Allen-esque circle (if there actually is such a thing, but you know what I mean), you know you’re not supposed to like stuff like the Fast and Furious movies, so watching them would be a guilty pleasure. Or if you’re a motorcycle gang member (Sons of Anarchy style) and you love Les Miserables and rewatch it every day, that’d be a guilty pleasure.

So, I guess, on a forum like this, Batman v Superman could be a guilty pleasure to someone (if opinions were more uniform than they are here, where a significant amount of people will cheerfully admit to liking it) :slight_smile:



Man, I was so banking on this footnote being (*The Dark Knight).


Ah come on, surely you’ve known me long enough to know what it would be :wink:

The Dark Knight was… overrated, but not bad. There are many things about this movie that are really good. It’s just that most of them happen when Batman isn’t on-screen.


Today I bought the DVD for the Will Farrell “Land of the Lost” movie.

Do I win this thread?


Do you feel guilty about it?


It’s Robert, he’ll positively revel in it.

Therefore he cannot win the thread and is disqualified.


By my reckoning that makes Robert the overall winner. I don’t get this thread. Why would you feel guilty about enjoying a movie?


My earlier comment about this being easier with music due to portable personal music players actually stands anyway with films - would you be embarrassed to be seen watching said film on your phone/tablet in public?


It’s our Irish Catholic upbringing; if it gives us pleasure, it must be a sin.


That’s why I port this discussion over to a “friendly gathering” analogy instead.

Would you put this movie on at a party?
Which is a proposition that has less to do with how much you personally enjoy the movie, and more about how you perceive the general assessment of the movie.


The party concept has issues too though. For example Million Dollar Baby won Oscars, it’s a very well regarded film and would not be questioned on a list of top films but it is depressing as fuck, nobody gets a happy ending.


Y’all are spending way too much time debating the very idea of guilty pleasures, if you ask me!

As for me, shitty comedies are mine. All the most heavily criticized and lampooned modern American “comedic” actors… anytime I want to just pass time and unplug my brain, I’ll turn to their films.


Do you think that’s why if someone tells me NOT to do something I tend to do the opposite?


Clearly you have not seen the Will Farrell “Land of the Lost” movie!


The Enik/Zarn thing was fun.


It’s a dumb movie but it has its moments. It’s become a bit of a cult film because it’s so bizarre…a raunchy comedy based on that dumb family TV show (I’m sure Bernadette has seen it).

Basically it was two bucks and I got it because I was tired of trying look up scenes on Youtube only to have them incomplete or unavailable. Like this masterpiece, they completely cut off the end of the scene!


To be honest, if you’re resorting to putting a movie on then the party is probably already pretty shit.