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"Guilty pleasure" movies


You too?


I think it’s @Chris and whatever he linked.


I don’t think I will considering it forces the download of an MP4.


Sorry for the auto-download thingy. 'Twas a clip of the wonderful dialogue I referenced from PoT.


Nothing to feel guilty about where that one is concerned. It’s a pretty clever riff on Shakespeare, with some good performances. Perfectly fine.


It’s newly on Netflix here, so this encourages me to take a look, cheers!


That’s because there’s nothing to remember. The plot is bland, and the action is blander.

MI2 had a terrible plot, but it at least had Woo’s staging of the characters and emotions, and his style of filming action. JJ Abrams is not a visually distinctive film-maker and his action scenes were entirely uninspired. An entirely forgettable movie.

Hey, people, here’s the thing - I can’t think of any “guilty pleasure” movies. I don’t enjoy watching bad movies, or if I do, it’s because there’s something good about the way in which their bad, and I don’t feel guilty about that. Say, you know, Troma and horror b-movies and Takashi Miike - I am quite proud of taking pleasure in watching those.

And when it comes to those big action movies like Transformers and the like, my problem is simply that I don’t like them; they bore me to tears, actually.

I don’t know, I can’t think of a single movie that I like that I wouldn’t cheerfully admit to liking in any context.


I feel the same. I don’t feel guilty about these things because I genuinely like them. I may like them for reasons that only make sense to me, but I am fine with that.


I think the idea is those movies you won’t admit to enjoying due to peer pressure. Trouble is, I reckon the people on this forum don’t have problems with peer pressure, so “guilty pleasure” becomes a non-starter. Bloody rebels.


I have no idea what you mean (says the middle aged man with an avatar of a bear from a 1970’s children’s TV show). :wink:


When I think of a guilty pleasure movie, I think it’s moved away from the “guilty” and more into the “movie you will watch because it hits that certain sweet spot but you won’t pull out at a party cause people will dislike it”.

Like Southland Tales.



Michael Ian Black said it best…the only really guilty pleasure is muuuuurdeeerrr


I think age is a large part of it, the older you get the less of a shit you give.

There’s a very cheesy Scandi rave/rap song from the 90s with awful lyrics that I would probably have shied away from admitting I loved at the time to save my cool points and said I liked some minimalist Carl Craig tune instead (which really is quite boring).

Now I don’t care, I think this Bomfunk MCs tune is brilliant. :smile:


See, I think Bomfunk MCs are great, and I can’t imagine being embarassed by liking Freestyler.


The whole idea certainly makes more sense to me when it comes to music, though, because that’s more closely tied with a personality you may want to project than movies are.


Yes and I may have been naughty moderator in diverging with that but I stand by the fact that as you get older you care a lot less. As a teenager you feel compelled to fit in with the narrative a lot and it reduces as you get older.


Like I said:

Yes, my iPod includes a Shakira song, a Shania song, a Wilson Philips song, an Alanis song…


So you’re saying we need a guilty pleasure songs thread?


“MMMBop” by Hanson. True statement.