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"Guilty pleasure" movies


They came out the same year and have quite a few things in common.

Also they’re fucking awesome.


Musically the soundtrack to Rocky IV is a guilty pleasure to me. I can’t help it. It makes me think I could climb a mountain.


I assume “guilty pleasure” means that you love something that’s generally loathed. Dude, I make a career out of that…Alexander, which is generally loathed, is my all-time favorite movie.


There’s nothing like a Rocky training montage music video to get you all hyped up. It’s the cinematic equivalent of a Jägerbomb.


Also: Kung Fu Panda.


Not sure I feel ALL that guilty about these, but for the sake of not repeating:
Halloween 3- Season of the Witch
Predator 2
Death Race 2000


That’s a favorite of mine, too. On such a budget I knew all the locations! Rather a fun, different plot.


I think Omen 2 is legitimately good although it’s been a little while since I’ve seen it.


I love Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood. And not even in an ironic way! Yes, I know Costner’s accent sucks. But everything else about that movie, especially Alan Rickman, is awesome!


Wait did he even try an accent? Cause if he did then woah.


He seems to try in the first 15 minutes, but just quits altogether by the end of the first act.


I was about to say cause I saw it last week and I did not remember an accent haha. Christian Slater didn’t attempt one either.


That was one weird movie I thought was hideously miscast, but if one imagines it’s just another movie (without the best-ever hype) it is kinda fun. Rickman, though, is always good.


There’s nothing guilty about it - it’s a really great movie. No shame in loving it. This thread is more appropriate if you’d said Robin Hood XXX.


The bit where he sings “there was a man from Narding-Ham” is actually a perfect midlands patois.


I’ll have to take your word for it.
Anyone hope that the new origin movie won’t reuse the “Little John” joke we’ve heard for ages?


They’re doing another Robin Hood origin movie?

Will we see Robin’s Uncle Ben die again in this one? :anguished:


It’s not a true Robin Hood movie if it doesn’t include the line “hello my lover”.

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Um…I don’t recall Errol Flynn or Olivia DeHaviland saying those words. Was it a Basil Rathbone line?


Did an mp4 instantly download for anyone else when they got into this thread?