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"Guilty pleasure" movies


The short section of Transformers: the Movie from “Hot Rod! The shuttle’s coming” to the death of Prime.


Yeah…what was the connection?


“Priest” (The post apocalyptic one with vampires, super powers, Carl Urban, the Vision, and Nikita. I really can just watch this movie over and over.)
“Need for Speed”
“DOA” (The Dead or Alive videogame adaption)
All of the “Underworld” movies except “Rise of the Lycans” which I haven’t seen.
All of the “Fast and Furious” movies.


Same. I feel guilty watching your pornos too!


All Fast and Furious movies. How I love them.



I was going to list the Richard Curtis’ films too, but then I thought they really don’t count as guilty pleasures. They are all legitimately good movies.


Deep Blue Sea. Intelligent sharks hunting LL Cool J and Samuel L Jackson? I’m in.


The Columbo TV movies. If I come across one on the telly I’m watching it - no questions asked, even if I’ve seen it a million times or it’s one of the shit ones - they are my TV crack.


Snap. Columbo is one of my favourite TV shows. I worry that someone is going try to revive it some day.

Also, The Rockford Files.


Honestly? I LOVE this!


@SimonJones and @JLJL, for the office Christmas party Harry (Alan Rickman) instructs Mia to pick an interesting venue. She arranges to rent out the photo studio/gallery of her friend Mark (Andrew Lincoln), who Harry sees at the party andmistakenly assumes is Mia’s boyfriend.


I must’ve seen that movie a half dozen times and I had never picked up that it was Mark’s gallery.

I just figured he was at the party cause…young single people(?).
But now, of course, he’s got all that video and photo equipment. Course.


Clerks 2 is fucking awesome


Love Actually was on TV last night (again), but I chose to watch Schwarzenegger in Commando instead.

Big mistake. :frowning: I apologize to Andrew, Keira, Hugh, Emma and the rest of the cast for my foolish actions.


Since this has gotten active again - I’ll put forth “The Omen” series.
Note, I do think that the first movie is well made and gripping - but the 2nd and 3rd in the trilogy are just so bad and amazingly hilarious due to it.

Did they ever explain why Damien suddenly has a vaguely european accent even though he was raised by Americans all his life and suddenly drops it?
Or the utter lunacy of two young teenagers shouting at each other like 18th Century Courtesans?
No…and I love it that way.


It’s ok, sometimes you’ve got to let off some steam.


Troma films especially the Nuke’em High series.
Takashi Miike films. Love Ichi the Killer
Any & all Christopher Guest films. I can’t stop watching them & everyone else I know thinks they’re boring. Uncultured savages.
That’s it, Christopher Guest marathon today!!!