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"Guilty pleasure" movies


I think the only movies I would feel actually guilty about admitting to liking would be pornos.

But I don’t watch those, obviously :smirk:


But Deep Throat was a box office smash


Deep Throat? I thought that was a political thriller about Watergate or something :confused:


Love Actually is a true guilty pleasure for me. The pleasure comes from discovering how each of the characters are connected to the whole even though their stories are unrelated. I just recently found the connection between Andrew Lincoln’s character and Alan Rickman’s flirty assistant.

Oh, and Keira Knightley. :heart_eyes:


Where’s the guilt then?


Buckaroo Banzai.
Don’t know how guilty I feel though.


Dougal and the Blue Cat.


Is it weird that I don’t know what that connection is? Was I just not paying attention?

I actually quite like Richard Curtis as a writer. I wrote at least one play that owes a serious debt to him.


Mmmm. Maybe Eurotrip and Old School. Lots of that kind of middle of the road frat-pack comedy.


Most, not every, Michael Bay movies.


I don’t really feel guilty about any of the movies I like. But everyone looks at me funny when I say that Mission Impossible 2 is my favorite of that series. (And that 1 is the weakest.)


…yeah I’m givin’ ya that funny look right now.


MI2 has some of my favorite action set pieces of all time, and the first one is trying to be this really convoluted, paranoid spy thriller but it’s ultimately pretty dumb. MI2 embraces the dumbness, basically.

Although it’s possible that MI3 is the worst one. A lot of people pick that one if they don’t pick 2. But I have almost no memory of it.


Batman V Superman

All of the Fast and Furious movies.


Honestly, I like MI3 for the exact reasons you say you like Mi2.
So, we’ll have to let bygones be bygones. I mainly found Mi2 really boring.


If it’s the Ultimate Edition, you should not feel guilty.

If it is the Theatrical, we really should add beatings to the guilty feelings.

Just sayin’ …


Ultimate, yeah


I’ve been meaning to watch it again. I really don’t remember much of anything about it so I might really like it (I know that I thought it was at least okay the first time).

I like all of the Mission Impossible films. I think it’s an incredibly solid franchise, and it’s awesome how they each follow a single director’s vision. More franchises should do that.

I would rank them (for the ones I can remember) 2>5>4>1. 5 is a better movie than 2 but those action sequences in 2, man… hard to top.


I really love the over the top action scenes in 2. So the last 30 minutes are awesome for me. But the story is pretty boring.


I usually forget action in action movies, but I remember atmosphere and overriding tone.
That’s why 2 is weakest for me. It’s just Ethan…doing stuff, romancing someone, and a motorbike fight.
3, while also admittedly weak, starts of with a lot of enthusiasm and kinda rides that.

I’d rank.
4 > 3 > 5 > 1 > 2