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"Guilty pleasure" movies


Ten Things I hate about you.
Mean Girls.
The expendables (I wanna say, The third).
Zoolander 2.

I´m sure there is more… keep you updated.


I’ve happily defended the Snyder films, the Star Wars prequels, Prometheus, Speed Racer, Spider-Man 3, and a bunch of others. I own all of those on DVD. I’m probably going to watch the new Adam Sandler movie tonight.

I don’t really have guilty pleasure movies.

EDIT: No, I will say I enjoy Woody Allen and Roman Polanski movies, even knowing and being repulsed by what they did. I guess you could call those guilty pleasures.


Knight and Day.
Boondocks Saints.

…I’m not proud.


Mean Girls is a very well written well acted film. Nothing to be guilty about there, unless it’s just that it’s a “girl” movie. I’d probably watch it if I was free and stumbled upon it on TV.


Meet Joe Black. A movie I could watch again and again, starting at any point and ending at any point. I love every second of it.


I belive it´s mostly an age thing.

It´s like, I´m too old to still laugh at that movie.

Altough, i LOVE Lizzy Kaplan in everything she does.


Meet Joe Black is a good one. Terrible movie…but if you’ve gone through a loss, it hits just right.

I’ll raise a “Smokin’ Aces.”


Those are all fun movies.


But you said it’s a guilty pleasure? Do you like it or not?

I think it was a different but ultimately better flavour of story.

I find the art in the TPB really hard to follow - everyone looks the same.

I’m surprised there’s not more Cage here. After mentioning at lunch today that I hadn’t seen Trainspotting I suggested that they should do an American remake with Nic Cage, and was shouted down in the tea room.


Wings of the Apache


Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze.

I need at least a quarterly fix to cheer me up. I may be overdue :weary:


The Fast & Furious films
The Scream movies
Michael Bay films
Scott Snyder films
Shyamalan’s films
Mean Girls
Garry Marshall films
The Underworld movies
The Resident Evil films


I don’t feel particularly guilty about these, because I genuinely like them.

James Bond films
Jerry Maguire
Army of Darkness
Flash Gordon
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Captain Blood
The Pink Panther movies
The Roger Corman Edgar Allan Poe adaptations.
The Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes movies.
Star Trek Beyond


Thanks for ruining my marriage. I’ve a a list a chores the length of coast of Norway for this weekend and the Rathbone boxset.


Um…You’re welcome :confused:

I’m sure that it won’t be too bad. I hear the fjords are lovely.


There’s films I don’t feel guilty for but would probably be expected to, like Hackers for instance, which I love but could easily write 2000 words on its worth.

Having said that, I couldn’t possibly do it for my favourite movie Kuffs, I cant explain why I love it more than anything, so sometimes I do feel guilty for placing it above genuinely amazing films.

I’ll deal with the guilt, I adore whatever the fuck it is, I can’t help it.


No, seriously, Dude, Where’s My Car?


Just Married is the better Kutcher movie.

Oh, speaking of - The Butterfly Effect.
Good concept, fun 00’s tone.


Oh, and Mallrats.

Well ahead of the curve so far as creating a shared universe with Stan Lee cameos goes!


Clerks 2