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"Guilty pleasure" movies


In honor to the release of Fast 8, let’s have a thread dedicated to those movies that you feel guilty for liking or are so bad they’re fantastic.


Van Helsing
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
The remake of “Walking Tall” with the Rock


Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Spider-Man 3
The Room (an absolute masterpiece)
Amazing Spider-Man 2
Rambo 2
All the transformers movies
The Great Wall


The easy way would be to say “my movie collection”.

I’d say the Serials section

Batman (1943, other from same era)
Batman and Robin (1947, dammit!)
Superman vs. Atom Man
Adventures of Captain Marvel
The Phantom


Pretty much any teen romcom made in the 90s/early2000s


Have to admit, I find the first twenty to thirty minutes of Frank Miller’s ‘The Spirit’ really entertaining. Always found Bill Murray as Garfield funny too.


Don’t Be A Menace
Lost in Space
Southland Tales
Scary Movie 1 & 2
Kick-Ass 2 (not very guilty as I find it superior to the first)




Oh, don’t be worried about admitting that. I love that movie all of the way through. There’s nothing guilty about it.


Oh, yes, I enjoy the Spirit too.

I never understand when people don’t get where Miller was coming from.
He was trying to do his version of the goofier Spirit stories, and he did a good job, but just had to filter it through his own tastes.


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen will always get watched if I stumble across it.


Sucker Punch.

I love that piece of shit. Must’ve watched it 12 or 13 times.


V for Vendetta


Guilty pleasure…Who feels guilty about pleasure?


In the words of Michael Ian Black, “the guiltiest pleasure is murder


This thread got very dark very quickly…


Why the guilt? I like it as much as the source material.

Better than 2.

For me, I guess films that qualify would be:

Young Guns 2
The Wicker Man (Cage version)

(This would be easier with music - there are definitely things that I skip in public for fear of a fellow train passenger (or pedestrian) with amazing ears hearing them from my headphones…)


Next you’ll be saying Con Air is a guilty pleasure.


An awesome movie.

I find the Vi for Vendetta movie the worst comic book adaptation of all time.

They made it an action movie.


I do link them mentally but Con Air inspires no guilt because unlike the goofy but stylish Face/Off it’s incredibly true to life.