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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - Millar Reaction Thread


That CGI Kurt Russell at the start is amazing. Everything about it evoked Starman and John Carpenter and those early, fun Kurt Russell movies that evener made money, but always enjoyed by people like us. I love and prefer golden-era Spielberg, but I also love that creepy Carpenter and Russell was his Tom Hanks who never QUITE hit the big time. Something always stopped Kurt R being an international movie star who could make money for a huge picture and James Gunn brilliantly tapped into it here. He was always a little uncomfortable in his own skin. A tiny bit untrustworthy, but warm at the same time. Unreliable. Even his most iconic characters share the unreliability and that’s what makes his casting as Ego so perfect.

I’ve never read a Guardians comic in my life and am totally unfamiliar with the Marvel cosmic characters outside of Nova (which I read for a few months when I was nine) and Adam Warlock I only know from the Topps sticker set when I was younger. Marvel minus Stan, Jack and Steve always felt weird to me because I grew up in reprints of the 60s stuff in the 80s and that 70s era never really had much of a connection for me. It always felt like it was a little old for me and then by the time I was checking it out in my 20s it all felt a little too young. So I come to all these characters cold, but still absolutely love them. This movie was perfection. Not quite as surprising as the first, but that was going to be impossible. As sequels go this is the Marvel gold standard.

A fascinating thing is that so many people stole this movie. Rocket was great. Drax was even better. The most laugh out loud scenes every time. But it’s Yondu’s movie. Not just the character arc, but also the presence. Rooker is just amazing. I’ve been a fan since I saw Henry when I was around 20 and he’s freaked me out in every movie since. The only guy, surprisingly, who doesn’t REALLY shine is Pratt. I love Pratt, but the thinner he gets, the THINNER he gets. I dunno. He had so much great and interesting characters around him he was kinda the straight man, but a brilliant supporting cast is a high-end problem for a movie. This movie works on every level, though I wonder if Pratt is going to be the mega-star he seemed destined to be a couple of years back. Jurassic World is a by numbers actioner and anyone could play it and his other choices have all been very poor. Man cannot live by Guardians alone so he needs the Indiana Jones to his Han Solo out there pretty damn quick.


GotG Vol. 2 big load of nonsense thread

Looks like Pratt is going to just round out the decade raking in the easy money with the Jurassic/Guardians/Avengers movies. Beyond that, who knows? He’s certainly done a lot better than anybody would have expected the chubby dumb guy from an NBC sitcom to have done.

Personally, I can’t really take him seriously in any of his roles. That’s not a problem for Guardians but outside of that franchise he would be much better served in comedies than in trying to pretend he’s got any Harrison Ford style charisma to him. Maybe he can get in on that Police Academy reboot.


Man, you missed out on some of the greatest comicbooks ever… u_u

(and I’m talking particularly about Starlin’s Warlock)


This is a great take.


The cosmic books from the 70s were fantastic.


At some point when you just need a great read (and for cheap, should you go digital where such is on sale), go 'way back and read the FF run where Him and Her are created (I think it was Stan and Jack, but my years have built up, too!). Then make a big jump to Starlin’s Warlock run. There is a core story with a beginning, middle and end. In this way, Warlock is one of the most fascinating Marvel characters.

btw, just a personal view, but of the Three Chrises (Pine, Pratt and Hemsworth) I think Pine is the smartest and has the most elan. FWIW.


Turns out most of the de-aging was done with practical effects with CGI only used to smooth the edges.



I don’t think he’s going to be a star. Nothing outside of Guardians is working for him and he makes bad choices. He comes off Guardians and Lego to make a Western and Space Creep. I mean he’ll be famous and loved but he’s not going to be the next Harrison Ford. He needs a different franchise by next year at the latest or he’s done. Dude really needs to eat more cheeseburgers, and Marvel have got to stop making him have sots of his torso.

Good take on Kurt Russell. He always acts like the great lovable guy but you know he could just let you down or turn on you when you think he’s the greatest, which made him work so well here. He’d baby sit your kids and go out drinking when they fell asleep. The delivery of his villainous turn was masterful in this movie - I heard audible gasps and sobs when he said the word tumor.

Somehow I have to go see this movie again.



The director says otherwise;

“It’s not cheap and it’s not easy,” Gunn adds. “That [scene] pretty much took our entire post-production period to finish. I didn’t get the final shots till almost a few weeks before ‘lock.’ ”

It took two actors (Kurt and face double) and then months of VFX work to combine the two.

It looked amazingly good.


Well don’t I look a silly goose! Stupid internet not telling the truth about everything.


I don’t know, I thought he’d put on a bit of weight again since the first movie already.


Nah, it’s just what movie stars say, and probably what people tell movie stars. “You looked 30 years younger! We didn’t have to do a thing!”

He probably wouldn’t have minded if they’d told him the truth. He’s played his real age (or thereabouts) at every point in his career and been wonderful doing it.


Kinda stupid tho… I always wonder why they just don’t find someone who looks enough like a young X and be done with it… specially if it’s just small-ish scenes where it doesn’t matter that much, instead of wasting millions and millions on rejuvenating an actor =/


Well the obvious answer is ego. :wink:

The other, obvious answer, is that they’ve got a good deal of publicity out of these scenes.


RE Pratt, I don’t think he ever quite had it in him to be a star. I remember there was a bit of split opinion on the board about this a couple of years ago.

I think his rise was coincidental with a couple big hits and he doesn’t work for me as an action hero or leading man - his turn in Jurassic Park didn’t sell it at all.

He was great in Guardians and I think folk got a bit overexcited by that, whereas it’s the perfect role for him, and being part of an ensemble helps.
I don’t think he’s ever a leading man, not one who is going to have people flocking to the cinema to see him alone.

Right place right time on the Lego Movie (which doesn’t really count, being animated) and Jurassic World gave the false impression he was potentially box office gold.


The thing is, I’m not sure Harrison Ford could be Harrison Ford in today’s Hollywood. It’s all about the franchises, not the stars. How many hits has Jackman had outside of Wolverine? Or Jennifer Lawrence post-Hunger Games? Is Cumberbatch’s next movie really going to pull in $600m? Heck, even RDJ isn’t the same when he’s not Iron Man.

Pratt has been smart in that he’s in two huge franchises, ditto Vin Diesel, Lawrence (for now), Fassbender, Brolin etc. RDJ had Sherlock for a while and Helmsworth tried with Huntsmen. That, I think is the model. We need to move on from the 80s mindset of thinking someone is the next Arnie or Eddie Murphy; those days are gone (for now).


We’ve discussed this here before and I tend to agree with you, Sam.

I think the age of the Movie Star has basically passed, but there are still some stars that are more bankable then others, if the role suits. Building a franchise, though, is more important to studios now than building stars - Hollywood was built around building stars and it has now irreversibly changed with the gradual increase of blockbusters and franchises.

Not only do we need to move on from the 80s mindset, but we need to move on from the 50s mindset. The highest grossing film of all time barely has a “movie star” in it.


The best two intros in cenima! I think this one is better than the last.