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Guardians 2 press-screenings were last night!


This is when I wish I lived in LA. This sounds AMAZE-BALLS!!!



That’s cool, because yesterday, GotG was on TV (I forgot which channel, but I think it was only a British one)


It was the big Easter movie on BBC which is very nice timing for Marvel, millions of viewers on a holiday just before the sequel comes out.


I saw Chris Pratt doing an interview on ESPN last night.


i saw the same one. they included a clip. “Trash Panda” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think that is my favorite bit so far! :smiley:


Yeah, it was good, he’s a lovely chap.

Just watched this… nothing big in it, it’s a pretty laid back interview, good fun.

Edit: It has a nice clip in the middle