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Hello there, I’m new round these parts. Sorry, I know that there’s a formal introduce yourself thread, but I thought I’d be a nuisance and create my own. My name’s Aaron Wayne and I like to think that I’m something of a writer and an artist - ‘something’ being the operative word.
I was encouraged to visit by Matt Garvey, who seems quite the regular round here; so I’m sure you’re already aware that he is a very nice and capable chap. Hopefully I can be the same. Anyway he seemed quite certain that you might like my work. Moreso than I was at any rate, and enough so that I thought I’d share some. So, if you think it’s all awful, you know who to blame.
I’ve been working on a Batman story. Obviously this is just a creative distraction unless DC decide to give me a call, but I enjoy doing it. The thing is - and the reason I was slightly hesitant in sharing - it’s not a very traditional comic, maybe not a comic at all. I consider it a graphic novel in a literal sense. It is intended to be almost entirely writing, but writing that is made to look like various forms of documentation. The primary source would be a diary by Bruce Wayne, but it would include newspaper pages, police reports, interview transcripts, things like that. It would be done to the reader to piece the story together from these dissonant fragments. Look here’s an example of a page:

I’ll try not to ramble too much about the story but the hook, if you will, is that it takes the modern trope of semi-realistic, angsty Batman stories to, what I regard, as it’s natural conclusion. That is, it is tediously realistic and the angst is actually justified. Also it’s set in the mid 20th century. Naturally, like all hopeless creatives, I could go on about my own work forever but I’ll spare you the pain.
Here are some character designs:

And here is some writing that features both those characters:

Hope you like it, and thanks for reading my post.
Aaron Wayne


Don’t blame me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well done for posting…loving the batman redesigns.
Nothing better then Batman in a trench coat!

Post more soon!


Will do! Cheers for the reply.