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Greatest Super-heroine of all time!


This is a debate I had with my daughters over dinner tonight. It was a debate because the most famous obviously not the best.

In the Millar house the finalists are Wonder Woman, batgirl and hitgirl (guess who tossed in the latter) with Captain Marvel getting 2 votes too. DC hugely ahead here as Supergirl and some Legion characters also getting worthy mentions.

The reason we were talking about this is the Wonder Women doc we’d recently seen and we were asking why she overshadows all the others in general public consciousness. It’s an interesting question and I don’t think it’s just she was the first. My 3 year old is obsessed with the Lynda Carter show. There’s something just special about that character and she’s resonated with mainstream in ways no Marvel character even has.

What’s your thoughts? I think I might have to go WW.


Wednesday Fan-Chat #5 - Kelly Sue DeConnick

Right now I would say Wonder Woman. However, ask in another couple of years and I bet Captain Marvel will either replace her or have started to edge her out.


Of all time? If I don’t say Hit-Girl my daughter will add me to her hit list, but I’ll add Wonder Woman because I grew up watching Lynda Carter. On film nobody has topped Hit-Girl yet, I’m hopeful to see a bad ass Wonder Woman on film soon.


Not with Wonder Woman getting her own movie too. It’ll be really interesting to see how she fares against Captain Marvel, and whether either character appeals to all ages or if they’re more geared to an older audience (both Man of Steel and Dark Knight aren’t really going to excite younger kids, and Wonder Woman might equally be aimed at the older teen demographic).

But even without the TV series I think Wonder Woman easily has the biggest pop culture presence. Marvel may have introduced female characters, but they were always part of a team so people don’t think about Storm or Invisible Girl or Wasp. From a branding standpoint everyone thinks of solo characters first and foremost. In fact if you were to think of a solo female character you’d probably think She Hulk, Captain Marvel and then maybe get a bit stuck.

Funny how Black Widow doesn’t really get a mention despite being in so many Marvel movies.


Wonder Woman. It’s not even close.


Honestly, I might have to go for Buffy. :blush:


I think Captain Marvel has a lot of potential though. She already has a pretty strong following in comics. All she needs is a presence in other media to push her over the top. If I asked a year ago who the three greatest superhero teams of all time were, I think the response might be different than it is right now.


It’s clearly the Artemis version of Wonder Woman.
Now Artemis had pizazz.


Totally Season 2-on Lynda Carter Wonder Woman, closely followed by Hit-Girl who ties with Scarlett’s Black Widow, with the unlikely third of the very specific Supergirl from (as some of you know, my favorite Imaginary Tale) the Silver Age “Death of Superman”. Man, did she kick ass in just a couple of panels!

There is one more. Off to the side. Better, Cleverer.

Jenny Sparks.

Not Jenny Quantum or Jenny Gunpowder or any other Jenny. Jenny Sparks.

How could you forget her, Mark? Philanderer! :smile:


Good call on Jenny Sparks.


Yeah, Wonder Woman definitely.
She’s not only the first major woman superhero, but also the first superhero whose mission is to make the world better instead of just preserving the status quo. I think that’s a big part of her appeal, that she’s an activist/reformer rather than just a police officer. (And this was not just in her fictional universe, she was deliberately created as a role model for a better world.)
“Bringing peace to Man’s World” is a much loftier ideal than, say, “Striking Fear into the hearts of Criminals”

Captain Marvel’s cool, but she doesn’t share this point of difference with Wonder Woman.

Storm, Jean Grey, Kitty Pride and Rogue deserve an honourable mention for being part of the best superheroine-heavy team.


That’s made me want to see a Frank Miller-penned internal monologue for WW.

“Bringing peace… best part of the job.”


In the grand scheme of things? It’s Wonder Woman.

My personal opinion? Kitty Pryde.




For me, it is Batgirl. WW would beat her in a fight but I have never been able to really empathize with Diana (possibly because too many writers have tried too many approaches).


I was sort of kidding with Rogue (it was just an excuse to post the amazing Silvestri costume), but thinking about it her complexity as a character is pretty unique.

Makes her a lot more interesting than someone like Storm.


Kara Zor-El. I can’t see how there is even any debate over this.

Even Superman agrees with me:


check the av! good choice Miqque but of course the greatest super heroine is


That came out soon after the “Death of Superman” Imaginary Tale I mentioned! Is that Wayne Boring?

Love Rogue, mostly her fully-powered angry Southern Gal period before some fool hooked her up with the ever-dull Gambit. Maybe my favorite scene with her was fighting Karl Lykos / Sauron drawn by Neal Adams.