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Greatest Action Sequences in Cinema and TV


From a few thoughts brought up in the Top Ten of the Century thread by @Jim who mentioned Pirates of the Caribbean and of course The Avengers, which is, let’s face it, the greatest… But what others are there?

Here’s that three way sword fight from Pirates 2

From @KandorLives here’s Bourne Bourne-ing it up

I’ll put the Kingsman Church Scene in

If a scene from The Raid doesn’t pop up I’ll be bitterly disappointed.

No vehicles or spaceship action, only humanoid!!



  • The clifftop fight from the Princess Bride.

  • The hallway fight in Oldboy.

  • Shooting into the jungle in Predator.

  • And the Matrix lobby shootout.

That’s the Mount Rushmore. Everything else falls below these (in my opinion of course).


The Raiders truck scene will forever rule this roost for me, although I don’t know if it’s disqualified from this thread for the use of a vehicle.

The Crazy 88 scene in the first Kill Bill is up there too.


Kill Bill almost made my list. But I can’t put it above any of the others. It’s great, but the relentlessness of Oldboy is better.


I think discretion can be used. If it’s mainly humanoid action and not just a car chase then it is allowed.

Great choice by the way.

All choices are great so far… The Matrix has to be one of the most popular I’d say along with the cliff top fight. Old boy scene wouldn’t make my top 10, but it’s quality. While the crazy 88 scene is fantastic, I feel there’s alot of martial arts scenes that could top it.

Predator always feels like one long action scene to me - in a good way - there’s a constant sense of movement throughout the whole film.


To me the best action sequence is something you watch without blinking and then need to see again immediately after. It’s the kind of scene you go back to the cinema for, that you’d hold your pee for. The kind of scene where if you flick over the TV and find the film and the scene is 15 minutes away you’ll sit and watch just for that scene. When you watch it you remember exactly where you were when you saw it.

The Matrix Lobby scene does that for me. I remember in 2000 buying the DVD, then buying a DVD player (I’d just moved to the states) and hooking up big speakers to the TV in the basement. And playing it at high volume half a dozen times. Man that was great.


I have watched Band of Brothers many times, but when I got a DVD player and the box set of it I watched the Speirs ‘He came back,’ scene over and over again (in the garage where I had my little bunker of a DJ/chillout room) in the same way.



Need New Order - Confusion bit before the action too as set up to it. I think everyone in the cinema was open mouthed. The whole sequence (rave then fight) is one of the greatest character entrances ever.


Nothing can touch Hit-Girl in the corridor. It’s my favourite scene in any movie ever, followed closely by her first appearance. Not just bias. Brad Allen, the best fight guy in the biz, did this. Also did the Kingsman fights and works with Edgar Wright a lot too. He’s incredible.



I know this is a bit of a cheat as it’s animation (and you can do this stuff much more easily than in live-action), and there’s a bit of vehicular action in there, but I always loved this sequence from Tintin.

Uncharted wishes it was this good.


Oh, and the door chase scene from Monsters Inc too.


The raid is a given, especially the fight around the hole in the floor.

The corridor fight sequence in the first series of Daredevil is brilliant due to the brutality and realness of the whole thing.

Also the redux of the same sequence with Frank Castle in series two.


The idea behind that fight scene with Punisher is fantastic, but they just seemed to have a lot less money on S2 and they couldn’t afford all the good people they had on S1. The fight guys especially lacking. That corridor fight starts with around 20 people, but goes down to 4 very quickly and they all fight one at a time :slight_smile:

Tintin. I swear. I got 23 seconds into that clip and had to stop!!



Some church scene in something was pretty cool


I think Tintin is underrated. The way that sequence builds and builds, gets bigger and bigger, and all the setups have their payoffs, is classic Spielberg.


The Matrix lobby scene, definitely. Also the “I know Kung Fu” dojo training sequence has a special place in my heart.

Blade - the nightclub sequence and the final fight with Deacon Frost. Oh yes.

Vin Diesel vs the Rock in Fast 5.

Aliens - the Colonial marines vs the Xenomorphs, in the hive and then back in the med bay.

The climatic Avengers battle in New York.


This whole sequence is a great fight scene in a film full of great fight scenes.


John Wick. Pretty much all the non talky bits.


I actually think I prefer the fight against Elle Driver in Volume 2.