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Great videogame music


Music can be a hugely important part of videogames. What are your favourites?

I was blown away by Gustavo Santaolalla’s soundtrack to The Last Of Us - the sparse soundscape and mournful acoustic guitar lent the game a huge amount of atmosphere, and the menu/loading music always got me back in the mood of the story as soon as I sat down to play. It’s almost Withnail & I esque in places:

Going slightly more retro, some of the '90s platformers had some amazing tunes. Aside from some of the more obvious examples like Sonic and Mario, I always loved this from Rocket Knight Adventures, which I still think stands as a great composition (even if the style is obviously now incredibly dated).


Two bits I really like, off the top of my head.

Simon’s Theme from Super Castlevania 4. This is just a fantastic piece of music, really sets up the game well. Shame the game itself is a cheap, mean slog, but damn that theme made me want to start it all over again when I finished it.

I didn’t stick with Final Fantasy 6 very long (bailed at the stupid ghost train section) but this Terra’s Theme, from the game’s opening section is marvellous. It plays while three guys in mech-walkers stride into the horizon, along a rolling landscape, which is very technically impressive for the SNES. The music with the barren, frozen environment is captivating.




I love how enthusiastically those guys are dancing to the chiptune section.


Disgaea 2 had some great J-pop ish music.


One of my favourite bands, 65daysofstatic, have worked on the soundtrack to the upcoming No Man’s Sky. Only slice of new music so far is this live cut;

I look forward to buying the soundtrack, but I doubt I’ll play the game.

The music from 90s/00s Zelda and Pokemon games hold immense nostalgia for me.


I don’t even need to click on that to know which song it is. That game is full of memorable tunes.


Shdowrun on the SNES…simply outstanding!


Harry Gregson-Williams has done some good work on the Metal Gear series. The main theme to Sons of Liberty is my favourite.

Closely followed by the Bond inspired Snake Eater theme.


The first Donkey Kong Country game had some amazing music in it (the sequels as well, but the first one especially).


The video game adaptation of The Warriors had an amazing soundtrack
It might not be the most accurate to time period - but it captured the sensibilities so well.


Mega Man 2 and 3, duuuuudes.


They gave away a free CD of the soundtrack in official Nintendo mag at the time, think I might still have it somewhere :slight_smile:


I’ll just leave this masterpiece here.


Desert Strike on the Amiga. Sampled James Brown (illegally, I think)!


Desert Strike was cracking. I didn’t know about the James Brown sample!


Wow, that would have been cool to get. The only video game soundtracks CDs I’ve ever had are the Disgaea 2 one and Killer Instinct’s Killer Cuts, each of which came with the game.

EDIT: Oh, tell a lie, I’ve got the Link Between Worlds soundtrack CD, which I got off Club Nintendo before it ended.


KI’s soundtrack hasn’t aged all that well, but I like this track still

And this is one of the best bits from the Starfox series


If Santaolalla was involved, it’s guaranteed it would be mesmerizing. I was blown away originally by his soundtrack for The Motorcycle Diaries, and everything else I’ve heard him create always lived up to my expectations thereafter. Truly an unsung master of composition in our era.

Anyway, as for me, the golden standard of video game scores is the entire friggin Final Fantasy series. They’ve also done a stellar job of making memorable scores, and I own the soundtracks to multiple installments of the series. If I ever went to one of those orchestral performances where they take on video game music live, that would be what I’d pay to see.

Despite that, the most iconic song, without a doubt, is the original Mario theme. It really never has been surpassed.