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Great Movies you've NEVER seen


The Godfather (none of them)
Kind of weird since I love gangster movies.


Don’t bother with Part 3 :smile:


Gone with the wind
2001: A Space Odessey
Citizen Kane
Battleship Potemkin(sp?)
Birth of a nation

There are probably a lot more. I also consider myself a movie buff and it surprises people who know me when I mention the films I have never seen.
Especially as I can talk quite convincingly about them based just on their impact in pop culture (2001 in both Futurama and The Simpsons for example.)


Of what’s been mentioned;

Godfather part 2 or 3
Gone With The Wind

I’m mainly a fan of animation and adventure films, not many classics from those genres which elude me. Persopolis is the only notable one I can think of, and that’s relatively recent.

I do have a gaping hole in that I’ve never seen any of Akira Kurosawa’s films, need to rectify that.

Star Trek is unknown to me beyond JJ’s reboot. People who know me well are always really surprised to learn that, probably it’s more of a cultural thing than just films. Don’t know why it’s a shock to anybody though, I was born in 1992 so pretty much nobody of my generation grew up watching Star Trek, it was massively on the wane and Star Wars was massive. I don’t know any Trekkies under 30.


You love gangster movies and have never seen the Godfather???


How do you know they are great if you’ve never seen them?

If I’ve not watched a movie it’s cause I’m not arsed to do it!

Got Busy - Drunk - Stoned and I Missed It!

There’s a lot of films on the AFI list of 100 best films that I haven’t seen yet:

Singin’ in the Rain
City Lights
Sunset Blvd.
On the Waterfront
Some Like It Hot
All About Eve
The Best Years of Our Lives
The Philadelphia Story

…and that’s just from the top 50!


Pacino’s primal scream at the end makes it all worthwhile.

I will NOT back down on that.


That’s your prerogative, Tom.

The rest of us will stand over here, pointing at you and laughing in a derogatory fashion.


I’m used to that.

Also, re: this thread

(Edit: skimmed thread after posting this and realized so many haven’t wow)


Taxi Driver
Blade Runner


Gone With the Wind (a popular miss here)

PS Might have made the last one up.


I only saw Chinatown recently myself…I’m trying to work my way through the IMDB Top 50.

It’s really good- a sort of film noir, but with a typically 70s tone. Once you watch it you realise how influential it is- True Detective is deffo a ‘homage’… It’s on Sky on demand for anyone who has that.


Star Wars


The Batman one seems an odd one for the likes of any comic fan.

I assume it’s the Tim Burton one? Any reason why you didn’ t go to it when it opened?


Or come December you’ll have no idea whats going on.
If you where UK or Ireland based in the 80/90’s it would have been impossible not to see Starwars as they where always on the telly around Christmas time.

A bit like “The Great Escape!”


Read the post again. :slight_smile:


No you read the Post again.

Or Ahh!


You aren’t missing much, perhaps the most over rated film in history. I know many people disagree but frankly my dear…I don’t give a damn.


I’ve been trying to rectify some of my biggest oversights over the last few years, but still on that list are…

Blade Runner
Reservoir Dogs
Apocalypse Now
Silence of the Lambs
2001: A Space Odyssey (but I’ve seen/heard enough to know that I’m not interested).

Hmm, it’s kinda hard to think of films you haven’t seen. I haven’t properly seen the first three Star Wars films. I’ve certainly seen all them in aggregate; as Mark says, they were always on TV when I was a kid and my brother had them all on video, so it was hard not to, but I don’t remember ever actually seen any of them in one sitting, apart from maybe RotJ.