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Great moments in Millarworld history!


That time Lorcan met Francis Ford Coppolla…


What did I do with that hat?


What a stylish fellow you are!


You gave it back to its rightful owner…


Those blue tinted shades are epic.

Sometimes I think that Johnny Deep took one look at this movie and thought, “That’s who I’ll be…”


Last time I saw it I was getting Married.


The problem is that the greatest moment in Millarworld history is always going to be Kurt Busiek taking down Jefferson.

It was a thing of wonder and beauty.


It made it over here at one point


He looks like some alternate universe Doctor Who…or someone playing him in a Comic Relief sketch.

Cool suit though. :smile:


This was 12 years ago:


Good Lord…It’s like watching the cast of a show in the early seasons, before they’ve really worked out who all the characters are, what their costumes will be and what they are going to do with them.

I expect at least one person from that photo to have been tempted to evil by Season 3 and become the Big Bad in Season 4.


Make picture work now!


Nice Minder vibe from you too.


Sanjay went Evil about 2008
Here he is with some Minions.

Still not sure he’s made a full recovery.