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Grant Morrison/Frank Quietly Talk


Heads up. I’ll be live streaming this on my twitter till my battery dies.

@Abnettmark on the Twitter

Grant Morrison/Frank Quietly Talk from Kelvingrove in Glasgow from 6pm UK time. Or 53mins from now


Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely Talk

Kelvingrove Museusm | Wednesday 20 Sept | 6-8.30pm | £10 adults/£5 children
The legendary creators of such iconic comics as All Star Superman, Batman & Robin, WE3, All New X-Men and Flex Mentallo will discuss their partnerships and working process. Not to be missed by comic book fans!

I hear tell this is being live streamed on Facebook. That’s 6pm UK time of course (GMT/UTC+1). I’ll just try and get the address.

Edit: They didn’t actually give the address on the Twitter message but I am assuming it is this page:


Or you could watch mine on Twitter as I have the benefit of a tripod!!! Ooooooooo


Still waiting for the fine gents to finish their wine.
Front row seats though :wink: