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Anyone on here into buying graded comics? I’ve recently been getting into this more and thought I would ask people where they like to shop for them. I’ve purchased some on eBay and from but I am curious where others like to shop. I am always looking for new suppliers.

My most recent purchases:

Marvel Collectible Classics 1 cgc 9.8 (the chromium ASM 300 reprint)
Amazing Spider-Man 361 cgc 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 569 cgc 9.8
Venom: Sinner Takes All 3 cgc 9.8
NYX 3 cgc 9.8
Batman: Damned 1 cgc 9.9

As you can see, I am going after all of the Venom first appearances. A cgc 9.8 ASM 300 is next on my list but they are extremely pricey.


How much did you pay for this? The copies I saw online not long ago looked insane.

I paid $250 US about a month ago(then sold my raw copy for $50).

I see them going for double that now but I do also see some listed in the 300’s.

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Seems like someone posted something about signed copies on eBay going for well above that.

There are signed 10’s listed in the thousands (3-4) of dollars range. Plus, there are two versions of issue one. The promo version and the regular. The promo ones are worth quite a bit more.

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