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Gotta start somewhere…an Anthology for new creators!


hi, buddy…
thats great to hear you want to make your first comic and submit it…thats what this whole thing is about! :wink:
you need read the 1st post VERY carefully…all the details are there.
if you are still struggling after that let me know and i’ll help you out.

Kindest regards



Sorry, I have some webcomics already published (Sad smile)
Guess I got too enthusiastic.:sweat_smile:

Idea for your next anthology: Make it for people who has already published some comics, but still wants to enter. :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Sadly this wont happen, buddy.
There are already enough anthologies out there for established small press creators.
The idea around this one is to encourage people to start! :wink:


He can’t print a quote where you lie about your age.


not his thought…its been a hard life


Thanks to everyone offering to chip in with help…to letter, do covers…and even money!
Waaaaaaaay too kind


The printer I use Mixam love the fact that I’m putting together an anthology for 1st-time creators GOTTA START SOMEWHERE & in an act of incredible generosity have said they will match my 300 copy print run FREE OF CHARGE which means i can now give away 600 copies to LCS!

How amazing is that?! :scream:


This is actually really cool. It’s a great opportunity for new creators. Thanks for doing this man. :slight_smile:


@mattgarvey1981 good day to you sir. Just wanted to know, is this anthology still on? me and a fellow member was hoping to contribute but not sure if this is still continuing. I’m not seeing any updates or anyone submitting. I hope this will push through.


@mattgarvey1981 and one more thing, is grayscale allowed? or just black and white?


It is very much still on!
You have just over a month…so get cracking!
Greyscale is fine too!


I can’t believe I’ve done it. Thanks to Matt for the kick - I’ve got some playing around to do, but will have my 4 pages to you this week!


good lad…message me on twitter when you are done and i’ll give you my email address to send them too!


Written, drawn, letters and submitted…


one month left!

if you are considering submitting…please read the rules carefully!


What?!? We have to be able to read??? You didn’t say that. :wink:


it helps!