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GotG Vol. 2 big load of nonsense thread


Opens in parts of the world this week, the US next week.


I think I will enjoy it.

Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange

Reviews seems a bit more mixed than for the first movie, but still generally positive (so I’m sure the RT score will stay high):


Looking forward to seeing how many of my Vol. 2 soundtrack picks make it to the movie. :sweat_smile:

(My money’s on none, BTW.)


It makes sense that reviews would be down a tad as the first was such a surprise.

Because I know Jim doesn’t read this thread, I’ll say…I’m looking forward to the Prometheus sequel more than I’m looking forward to this. (Not a knock on this film)


They’m from the Black Country, so yow can trust 'em. :grin:


I agree. I think it’s an impossible task for them to try and recapture the first one.

At least it sounds like they’re doing something a bit different with this one and not just repeating themselves.


True, but the characters were so well put together - especially as an ensemble - in the first one, you’d have to be a real muppet to mess Vol. 2 up. Just give them a half-decent situation, and they’ll respond in a way that we’ll enjoy.


The reviews for GotG2 seem to be pretty consistent so far. This is a good example:


So, I’m just back from this.

I’ll give a brief review avoiding spoilers. I went to the 3pm session and the cinema was packed - ages varied from 7 year olds to 70 year olds.

First off, there were a handful of trailers beforehand which are always interesting to observe audience reaction. First off was Alien: Covenant which seems an odd choice, and didn’t land well with many of the kids in the audience, some of whom were very young. Second was “Snatched” an Amy Schumer/ Goldie Hawn movie which the old couple next to me seemed mildy keen on. Next was Spider-Man: Homecoming, which got A LOT of reaction, especially from the kids, and finally was Pirates 5, which no one seemed to give a shit about.

The movie is, very possibly, the best Marvel film to date. It’s certainly the most fun and at least as good as the first one, but probably better, (and it’s MUCH funnier). 85% of the jokes land, and land hard, but the ones that don’t do come across as a bit awkward.

The good:

  • Baby Groot (seriously, he’s great, from the opening scene to one of the kickers in the credits).
  • The Sound-track.
  • ALL the cameos (and, TRUST ME, this movie is CHOC-FULL of Marvel cosmic cameos; including a few major ones). At least one of these cameos will be surprising to most people.
  • Drax
  • Rocket and all his awesome toys.
  • Almost every scene of the first two acts is fantastic, (up until the third act turning point where “film formula” mode kicks in.)
  • The tea for the Tillerman scene at the end.
  • The villain is interesting (as opposed to Lee Pace’s Ronan).
  • The credits (worth sticking around for, even if you don’t care about the stingers)

The not so good:

  • Some of the emotional beats feel unearned, particularly those related to Nebula. Sometimes those related to Yondu.
  • The third act is very effects heavy and not nearly as fun as the third act from the first film.
  • Some of the jokes don’t hit.
  • There are some plot holes if you’re the over-analysing type.
  • That’s it - it’s very hard to find bad things to talk about.

The ugly:

  • Mantis (although she’s not ugly on the inside).

The interesting:

  • Vin Diesel gets top billing on the opening credits (as far as I remember).

Almost everyone stayed around for the kickers in the teasers, of which there were about 4(!) One of them is a fun cameo for fans of the comics, one of them sets up the next story and should please at least one poster here, one of them is a fun play on a kicker from the last film, and the final kicker is a very fun reference to fans (general Marvel fans) as well. There isn’t really anything here that speaks to any future movie outside of a Guardians sequel though.

Everyone seemed very pleased. One person who I heard afterwards said it was “the best science fiction film ever”.


I’m sooooooo excited to see this movie, and I really hope this small part of the MCU remains separate from the rest of the behemoth.


I’ll say that it’s clear the direction they’re going in for the third film, and it’s to do with a relatively important piece of Marvel/Guardians mythology. I’ll also say that … without giving too much away, you will see at least one more guardian from the comics than what’s been shown in the promotional materials.


I’m going to go see this Friday morning. Looking forward to it even more after your run down.


I’m not as in love with the first film as some other posters here, and the only reason I went to see it today was because it’'s a public holiday here. I’m glad I did - I think it’s a much better film than the first one.

Interestingly, there was a couple of times in the first couple of minutes where I thought “Can they get any-more mileage out of these characters though, they’re all fairly single-joke characters” and yet they do - they get TONS of mileage out of Rocket, Drax and Groot. It’s rare for me to laugh out loud (I’m honestly more of a smirker) but this one had me going - not belly-acheing laughs, but constant chuckles for sure.


Great review, Tim!

Can’t wait until tomorrow!


I couldn’t resist peeking to see what you thought of it. Great review. Have to agree with what’s been said – I’m twice as bouncy-bounce with anticipation for this now. I may even get to smirk for a change. It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything smirk-worthy. :smirk: Glad you liked it.

I know it’s not likely to be “the best science fiction film ever” because it would be hard to beat… Hmmm… :thinking: I’ll have to make another list…

I’ll hopefully get to see it this weekend.



Work pal saw it early morning yesterday - she had been super keen (originally planned to see it solo); said it was alright.


Okay, so this is going to be all over the internet soon anyway - so major spoilers for the stingers in the credits.

The classic guardians who appear are (I think):
Sylvester Stallone as Starhawk
Ving Rhames as Charlie-27 (pretty sure)
Michelle Yeoh as Nikki (almost positive)
Miley Cyrus as Mainframe (Heavy CGI)
Michael Rosenbaum as Martinex (Heavy GGI).

There is another major stinger that I won’t dare spoil.


Jeez! I assume he’s the Stakar half; who’s playing Aleta - his mother? Man, I hope you’re trolling. :blush:


I’ve asked my friends if anyone fancies a double bill of the Old Firm Derby followed by GoTG2 on Saturday - but no takers.

I might just need to do it myself.

For anyone who has watched it already - is it unsuitable for a 2 and a half year old?


I am not, but your assumption is correct.