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Got my Hit-Girl artist!!!


Wow. I can’t believe the response I got to this.

Basically, the artist I had in mind ended up re-upping with one of the Big 2. Even though Millarworld pays more money the health-care benefits in some deals are really good and this was something the artist wanted to continue, which is absolutely fair enough.

We have a big announcement week after next and I wanted to make sure our artist was in place for the end of the year launch of the book, but sadly so many people are locked up in exclusives or just long-term commitments. This year we have Greg Capullo, Frank Quitely and Stuart Immonen drawing the current batch of titles so you know the standard has to be high. I’ve long maintained I’d rather not do a project than have an artist who was someone I’m obsessed with. So I’d used up all my own contacts and that I’d just put out a tweet in the hope someone great was available and might see it.

I cannot believe the response.

Freelancers past and present got in touch. International artists I’d never heard of. Ridiculously talented newcomers. This is a big launch and at 10K an issue a good page-rate so I expected someone who had a lot of experience, but there were some really brilliant new people there and I’ve started relationships with some of them for being doing something further down the line. But I have my artist now and it’s someone I AM INDEED OBSESSED WITH, which is a relief. I’ve had the honour of working with this person before and the book worked out really well. Getting this artist for the Hit-Girl on-going is both a surprise and very good news indeed. I’m really, really happy with how this has worked out and they’re at work on the cover right now. Will share with our book announcement in 2 weeks time.

A PS: Another great thing to come out of this was a firm plan to work with Amy Reeder. As Twitter followers will know, I’m long been into her stuff and for about 10 seconds it looked like she was a possibility here. Sadly the dates just didn’t work out, but we’ve both agreed to do something soon with a virtual handshake across the Atlantic. Again, stay tuned because she’s awesome and I’m very excited about this. A double-win!

Would you like $10,000 plus royalties an issue to draw Hit-Girl?

Agreed that Amy Reeder is fantastic, can’t wait to see her on a MW book.


If its Terry and Rachel D im going to have to hug you.


Looking forward to seeing this. The first Millarworld ongoing title! Your appeal for an artist for this and indeed the Millarworld annual has given exposure to so many great new artists some of which I’m intending keeping tabs on due to the standard of their work.


Wait, this is ongoing?


I may have misread this due to tiredness lol


I’m gonna guess at… Carlos Pacheco.


He might mean cover artists too, which basically means guessing will be hopeless.


But no less fun! I can’t do any worse than you guessing who Zoom was. :wink:


" I’d rather not do a project than have an artist who was someone I’m obsessed with"
" I’d rather not do a project than not have an artist who was someone I’m obsessed with"

BTW my guess (although there are probably a dozen very serious contenders) is Saint Yak.


Brilliant news chief. I look forward to hearing who it is.


You mean guessing right about the guy in the mask, right? Right??


This is only part of a big announcement week after next. I think everybody here is going to explode.

Next week we have the Greg Capullo project announcement and the following week there’s this. But the HG artist is just a part of time. I can’t wait to tell everyone!





So Im guessing the artist that was chosen never posted any work on the original “Looking for a HG artist” thread??


Cool, that is good news. I knew I had no chance in hell, but my wife convinced me otherwise. Glad I can quit hoping for this in such short time. I recently had been trying to get a job on the LEGO movie sequel and that went on for 4 or 5 months and that was excruciating.
Really looking forward to reading this, so hope it’s someone who’s work I’m obsessed with too. You do work with the best, I’m especially fond of Quitley.


I am surprised you were surprised by the response you got.


As Mark said in the first post, he was looking for an experienced pro first and foremost and just wanted to see what new talent could offer.

Sometime around September we’ll start our second annual contest where only non-established writers and artists will be picked. In the interrim I would advise sharing your work here on the board in the creative section, the more your name is in peoples minds the better it will help your chances.


I will for sure take part in the annual submission. Thanks.


Mark, buddy, pal, mate - I do hope you learned something from this.

Sometimes, on the way up, we forget to jettison our insecurities. I’ve taught hundreds of therapists, some successfully, some not, and this is a common speed bump; Freud referred to it as transference/counter-transference, but, you’re a writer! We use different words. Mark, you have become a power in the comics field. Don’t know about influence in the movies, you translate. But, in comics, you are a Major Voice. When you ask the “fans” - that faceless ocean of hope and expectation - for anything, you are going to get it! In massive, copious quantity.

This is what happens when real power is used casually.

I sez it before and I sez it agin: Be careful of what you ask! You may get it!