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Got Busy - Drunk - Stoned and I Missed It!


After the age of about four, our experiences amass and things get foggy.

Sometimes there are things we like, and we find out about them weeks, months, years or decades later!

The we find them and we like them and a game of Cosmic Catch-Up ensues.

Many of you know I did not get into Judge Dredd until maybe last year.

What got by you?

Comics, movies, food, music - doesn’t matter. What suddenly appeared in your private ‘primary field’ of attention?


This thread for one:


To be fair to our good friend from the smoky haze his concept is a little different, it’s not what you skipped (which is a recurring favourite of @alx) but rather what he got into very late after the event.

Which to be honest I find a lot more interesting than a list of ‘hmm never appealed to me’. :smile:


For instance, I like Gary Clark, Jr. as a guitarist when he did “Bright Lights, Big City”. Then, somehow, he got off the radar until recently with “Grind”.

Heard a song by The Smiths the other day. Realized I never really listened to them, or was really aware of them when they were a thing. Instead, started hearing about The Smiths in past tense. Now, I think they had more impact than Moby, who had a short flare of success.

Really! Have you not wondered “Where the hell did all this kale come from?”


Like, for example, I was only 5 years old when all the best music was being made, and I didn’t get into it until 15 years later?

Actually, ditto for comics. I wasn’t even born when the MU was launched, and it took me years to find it.

Hmm. The same applies to most of the best TV and many of the best films.

In fact, pretty much everything I love was made before I was old enough to appreciate it. The “golden age” was minus three for me.


To be honest, Marvel & DC. I’ve never been a fan of the big two. Sure the occasional mini series here and there are great but I really can’t enjoy a comic if I know that by the end of the story nothing will really change for the character.
Don’t get me wrong. I know each company has amazing c & z list characters, but you never really get to see them.
That’s why I mainly read indy comics. If not, I would’ve been spending too much money on Marvels latest “hero vs hero” event or DCs next “Remake” to stick with Millar World. No regrets here.
Although I was too young to pick up Faust: Love of the Damned. All caught up now! Such a great story & Tim Vigils art is fantastic.


There are reasons I post threads!

That’s what I’m talkin’ 'bout!


I have never made an International phone call.

:alembic: <- okay, I looked for “embarrassed” and got “alembic”.


It’s not that exciting. Though I finally realized that the tone at the end of Another Brick in the Wall was not a US busy tone as I had previously assumed but a UK ringtone the first time I called the UK.


I could give you my phone number, but then I’d have to start my phone up again… :wink: