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Good news: My graphic novel - SOLOMON - is on PREVIEWS!


In 2014 I made my debut on writing duties with a 36 black and white comic book called “Solomon”.

It was that book that got me the gig in Elephantmen.
Later in 2015 it was re-released her ein Portugal as a 48 page hardcover now in color.

Some of you guys have been asking me where could you buy it.
Well I am happy to announce that Diamond has accepted it into the Previews catalogue. It will feature both in May’s and June’s.
Page 389 of the catalogue and the book’s code is STL009719.

Solomon was created with the intention of telling a story with the best art I could produce at the time. It is a fevre dream conceived as a fusion between a Studio Giblhi movie and Lovecraftian horror but at in it’s core there is a very specific concept and emotion: The need to deal with loss, the fear of the unknown and the words that we always leave behind to say to someone we love - and the question of what would you say to them if you could.

I hope I captured enough of your attention to maybe give it a go. I know 13 bucks for a 48 page book is a bit but trust me. Every page of that book was done by people who absolutely love comic books and more than that love to produce the best quality product in every field, from the design, lettering, colors, etc.

I hope you pick it up and I hope you enjoy it. Cheers! :slight_smile:


Congratulations, Carlos. From what I understand, it’s crazy hard to get something Previews. Good going.


Thanks Ronnie. It took us a while to get it approved yes, it was a good feeling to see the add there in the end. :smile:


Dude, it looks bloody PHENOMENAL.


Congratulations, Pal.


Congrats man. :smile:


Well done, Carlos!


Those pages are dynamic. Congratulations, that is something I look very forward to reading.