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Good News, Everyone!


Studying PPE at Oxford. That usually ends in a career at the upper reaches of politics. I’d be happy with that.


A close friend of mine teaches at her school and was there with her this morning. It is strange how quickly news like this goes global.



This is a colleague from work. Their dog sensed her father was having a diabetic attack and barked until they woke up and helped him. How is that even possible? Dogs are incredible…


This is Casey McPherson, the singer with Flying Colors (the best band you’ve never heard of).

He’s driving a boat around rescuing people stranded by floods. Because he is awesome.


Dogs are benevolent Pinocchios. They smell the diabetes. They can detect VOCs on your breath including cancer. They can sense breast cancer and melanomas too. If you’re worried about your prostate, let a dog smell your pee! (Obviously not just that for any health worries – when in doubt, seek Dr. Mike out :slight_smile: ). Dogs can even detect a drop or surge in your happy hormones. Our dogs could always tell when my smiles were fake news. No wonder I used to laugh more when I had my Zelda. (:sob: :slight_smile: ). She loved to laugh. Works both ways. They’re kindly, empathetically inclined emotional vampires without being needy. They ask for so little in return for their awesomeness. Dogs can read all sorts of subtle expressions and deviations from routine. Strangely they also like rolling in shite. An indulgence in melancholy perchance or maybe every now and again they simply seek an extra olfactory high or the delayed indulgence of a bubble bath. People should act more like pupsys.


Dogs are used for therapy for people with autism as well. And some people with epilepsy have seizure dogs.

Skyla can’t do any of that. She will pick up you shoe and move it to another part of the house. But only the left one, mind.



Where’s K-9 to save us all??? Help us Clara Who, you’re our only hope…


I thought this was the Good News thread.

I’ve lost my thread entirely.
Umm… There’s a dog outside the ice cream shop, and, if you put money in his head, he makes blind people see.
The funniest thing I saw recently was a dog trying to take his blind owner into KFC. (You’re really not supposed to stop and cuddle them when they’re working btw, but I did since he was already distracted anyway). Anyway, the owner just laughed and said he always goes blind for chicken.

This really isn’t the good news thread. I’m all Peter Pan without my Shadow. :cry: Doggies deserve a Peter Pan-lifespan. I’ve gone and lost my Tinkerbell Twirl.


I know we’re not doing Doggy photos so much any more but Skyla wanted to sneak onto the boards to say hi to you.


This is relevant to Milly’s interests


Wow, 10 years on from the Glasgow airport attack:


The nice side of social media:


I stopped offering that service after the requests to sniff Millarworlders’ pee started.


Did you get too many refusals?


Look, we were all under the influence of something at the time and I apologised like three times



My son’s flat-mate is part of the production crew for the film mentioned in that article, and he credits Kristen Bell with getting rooms for all of the crew at the Disney resorts. And getting them passes for the theme parks. A very classy woman.


This is quite an uplifting little article:


I’m a bit ambivalent, I have to say. I mean, I love the idea - and the guy’s enthusiasm about bringing his poetry to a mall - on one level, but on the other hand I’m missing any form of critical approach; he even jokingly quotes the court decision that corporations are people, and at no point does he come back to this and on the question whether art should be used to promote capitalist consumerism.


I presume the fact that he took the job tells you what he thinks on that question. :slight_smile: