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A Complete Stranger Saved This Mom and Her 4 Kids but Wanted 1 Major Thing in Return


With so many people at the vigil last night coupled with it tipping it down this morning, I didn’t get a chance to look at the awesome array of flowers and tributes that are quite literally right outside my workplace until tonight:

I was pretty much a wreck within a couple minutes of looking at it all, it’s a stunningly lovely display in response to total arseholery.







Responding to the appeal, Stormzy wrote: “Happy birthday Ollie! You’re a lil legend. :heart:️:star:️:tada:Don’t watch the bullies they always end up being the biggest wastemen later in life.”

Others included TV presenter Jake Humphrey, who recorded a video where he told Ollie to “ignore the haters”, adding “we’ve all been there”.

Broadcaster Sara Cox also posted a video message to Ollie.

Other famous names who sent well-wishes to the schoolboy included:

Australian film star Russell Crowe

Strictly Come Dancing champ Ore Oduba

Comedian Jason Manford

Astronaut Tim Peake

US actor Wil Wheaton

BBC Newsround presenter Ricky Boleto

Actress and comedian Dawn French

The England football team

Simpsons character designer Eric Keyes

Many offered to send Ollie gifts or free tickets for events.


This was a great little story.




It’s a shame it needed a court case, it should have just been automatic. But still: :+1:


That was a big part of the impetus behind the marriage equality campaign here, that a couple with a civil union didn’t have the same rights as a married one (or if a married trans person wanted to transition, they’d first need to get divorced under prior irish law)



Couldn’t resist posting this here :wink:


This story made me smile.


I kinda want to send this to my mum, because she’s a former athlete in her 60s, but at the same time I suspect I’ll get a ton of grief for alluding to her being old…


Look up Jessie Graff. She a top American Ninja Warrior and Melissa Benoist’s stunt double. She got her mom into exercising just a couple of years ago, and her mom is doing great. Jessie, of course, is quite superhuman and scary, but that’s all right. None of that shutterbug-awe of old folks, just this is what we do.


My dad was always striving for success during his career as a hammer thrower but he didn’t achieve it until he was in his 40’s and won the World Championship for his age range in the masters.

That is not to say he didn’t succeed earlier on his career, he had numerous county titles etc but he never quite hit the qualifying distances for representing the country.