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Good News, Everyone!


Clearly this is just PC SJW forced diversity virtue signalling


I understand what most of those word mean separately, but join them together in a sentence like that, and I have absolutely no clue what that means.


Let me break down the terms:

PC = Politically correct, as in "Equitable"
SJW = Social Justice Warrior, as in "I advocate for an equitable society"
Forced = Imposing a requirement
Diversity = Concerning the diverse nature of people and their backgrounds.
Virtue signalling = Demonstrating a personal belief on a public level.

So, in conclusion, what Lorcan is saying is:

Clearly this is just equitable people who are advocating for an equitable society by imposing requirements to observe the diverse nature of people and their backgrounds by demonstrating these personal beliefs in public.


If you can’t squeeze in a ‘white genocide’, why bother?


Why didn’t @lorcan_nagle just say that? Why must he make everything so complicated?


Is the way I’m acting like somebody else making you frustrated?


and life’s like this you, you fall and you crawl and you break and you take what you get and you turn it into honesty, you promised me I’m never gonna find you fake it


This is a song lyric from one of them Lady Gaga songs, right?


No, it is Canadias greatest export that isn’t Ronnie.


Ryan Reynolds?


Correct!Iit’s a song by Ryan Reynolds.


I did a google. You a liar.

Besides, this calls for us both making a top 10 things from canada list in the top 10 thread. We need to reach consensus on canadas exports.





Sheena’s friend, Chris Jackson, of Hamilton and now Bull fame helped create this character. He’s written for Sesame Street for sometime (and won an Emmy for one of his songs) but this one is a bit more personal as his son has autism.


That’s great. Congratulations to him.


The whole effort started a couple years ago. Here’s Chris’ spot and the song he wrote, The Amazing Song, for Julia’s introduction. I think she originally only appeared in Sesame Street books. It’s good to hear they’ve now put her in the show.


Edit: Another article on it.


(Well, I know it’s not a Rush lyric.)