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Good News, Everyone!




There’s a poor 84-year-old guy who has been getting bullied by tourists and vandals because his yellow Vauxhall apparently ruins the view of a picturesque street in the Costwolds village of Bibury.

So today, 100 yellow cars were driven through the village in convoy as a show of support for this guy (who has already endured his car being smashed up earlier this year, and is apparently getting a load of hassle online too):

Apparently people in the village have been very supportive though (and the convoy was oversubscribed several times over). And this little bit of the story made me laugh:

[quote]In February, vandals scratched the word ‘move’ into the car’s bonnet, damaged panels and smashed its windows - causing approximately £6,000 of damage.

At the time, a defiant Mr Maddox said that if it was too expensive to repair the car he would buy a replacement - in lime green.[/QUOTE]


I had to put up with a roomie with one of these.

Presented as it is Mary Kay Cosmetics pink. Roomie’s car was a Pontiac Grand Am, insulted by the paint application. The color saturation here is mild. You could see that luminous pink bastard coming for miles!


My car is yellow, I’d definitely have signed up for this!


Because you’re always playing yellow car. :smile:


Parker McCombe is a merry fellow! Right and true his friendship is, and his car is yellow!


Yes!! I really like this rhyme anders!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I was away with my best friend and a large group of our pub friends from the bar I dj and drank in since i was 16, they’re all aged from 30 to 67, and as I never really drink now, I’ve spent hardly any time with them for the past 6 or 7 years and I was truly humbled by how they feel about me as a friend despite barely ever seeing them in so long apart from and occasional chat or hello. I was just treated like this rhyme by everyone and made me very happy indeed cause I always went out of my way to be friendly and positive in people’s company so it’s really nice to have that mirrored back in 28 drunken men’s behaviour all this time later :grinning:

So thank you Anders, you’ve made me feel even happier on top with that rhyme!!!

Edit: I realize this is super sentimental but if you can’t have it in the good news thread where can you have it?!


Hey, no worries! In case you didn’t catch it, it’s a paraphrase of Tolkien, more specifically about Tom Bombadil. :slight_smile:

And you realize this is a comic book forum, right? :wink: No thread is on topic and every one of them is in some sense sentimental. :wink:


Fair point :joy:


By the way, it’s really awesome to hear about the recognition your friendship skills have rendered you. :slight_smile: I can relate, and I am really happy for you. :smiley:


Thank you. Sometimes when you aren’t seeing that positivity coming back you can forget how important it is so it’s important in that way, too.

Being a good friend and a friendly person is definitely worthwhile and it’s clear people may not show it at the time, but they definitely don’t forget down the road!

*Starts yellow car under hopeful AF rainbow


I feel that I should share this now.


Is this kind of indoctrination allowed on here???


The lemon is in play.


It’s some sort of party


It enlivens any car journey…

But is it the Talisker or is it the Talisker Talisker?




A friend of mine with an autistic son has reacted very positively to this. It is not always an easy thing to explain to other children so something like this is great to see.