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Good News, Everyone!


Her work is reasonably well known in the UK. That promo was seeking a wide variety of musicians, so I guess she was just willing and available.


That’s cool. I just know from discussions before that outside of a handful of artists country doesn’t really crossover to the UK.


Yeah, the big stars do tend to have some profile but you’re right, most people here (myself included) couldn’t name more than a handful.


As long as you know Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings we can still be friends. :wink:


These are great:

[quote]In an interview with Mashable, he explained that using digital tools for his illustrations had left him missing simple paint.

Meanwhile, his two sons, eight years old and ten years old respectively, were doodling with pencils and paper.

He explained that he was surprised by the creativity of his sons’ drawings: “I thought they were very cool — the colour, the shapes, the ideas and looking at them inspired me.”

“I wanted to redraw them with my own professional skills to make them proud of their own creativity, and simply to have fun.”

“I thought it would be very interesting to compare the two artworks at the end, too.”[/quote]

More at his Twitter account:




That’s a great story - a good example of appropriate training being put into practice in the right way.


This was a fantastic read and an inspiring story:


Just finished that article. It was pretty great. I love it when people do things in their everyday lives to steadfastly move things closer to better sometimes one step rigorous at a time.


I love that song so much.



Don’t follow tennis so I have no idea who this is, but I like the story:

The saga behind the original date has charmed millions as it played out online, starting amid the drama of the US Super Bowl.
While the Atlanta Falcons were 21-0 ahead, Ms Bouchard predicted their victory on Twitter.
But when New England Patriots fan Mr Goehrke bet her a date that his team would triumph, she gamely accepted.
The Patriots duly mounted a nail-biting comeback in the game’s dying minutes.
Ms Bouchard, 22, clearly a woman of her word, met the University of Missouri student in New York on Wednesday to watch a basketball game - and tweeted a picture with him en route.

Talking about her evening with 20-year-old John Goehrke, Ms Bouchard called him a “gentleman” and declared it "awesome!"
Asked by a reporter if there would be a second date, she answered: “For sure!”

Awww :slight_smile:




That’s great news about Ali Sonka. I really respect Redzepi’s generosity in sharing his success with others.