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Good News, Everyone!


This brought a real smile to my face.



Reposting this article from June. Turns out the future generation may be something to look forward to.

Honestly, I don’t interact with teens that often, but when I do, they are generally nice if a little under-confident. They don’t really say “sir” or “ma’am” that much anymore, but it’s hardly a Corman McCarthy world on the way.

I think kids probably should be instructed to use “sir” and “ma’am” actually, because probably the main problem with intergenerational communication is that there is no formality established so we just don’t know how to start a conversation with each other.


Missed this before, but I think that last surge was Obama’s parting gift to us.




What, “Excuse me, old dude?” suddenly doesn’t do it for you anymore?

Just remember to call teenage girls “young lady”. And make sure to admire their many lip piercings and ear plugs.


Are piercings really as common as they make them out on television? I don’t see as many here among teens in the area (and this is Los Angeles). I do see more tattoos, but, honestly, more among college than high schoolers.


It does depend on subculture, but yeah, I’d agree it’s mostly college kids, not high schoolers. It’s not all that unusual for teenagers to have them, but it’s not like it’s the majority.


This is great and cheered me up today, especially the round of applause bit.


That is nice.

(Although I always feel a smidgen of disappointment when those kinds of things turn out to be adverts for something. :slight_smile: )


I give a lot of leeway (and I Googled it for TV2 Denmark) for things that are non profit. :smile:


Yes true, when I see something heartwarming like that on TV I usually brace myself for it to be a soft drink company or mobile phone network or something. :slight_smile:


With the BBC Music ads they’ve done so well. I’m not sure I’d be as comfortable sharing if it were MTV but in that case you know nobody made a penny off them (directly at least).

(Might as well put one here for context).


That was very cool especially the bit with Brian Wilson at the end. There was even a short cameo from Akron native, Chrissie Hynde. :wink:


I’ll share for fun as well the first one from the 90s.


Is that Tammy Wynette around 1:43? That’s an odd addition. That must have been recorded around the time she did the song with The KLF.


There’s a full list of contributors here:

Wynette is among them, so I guess you’re right.


Though 97 was well after Justified and Ancient.


I didn’t remember (or bother to check) when it came out. I just couldn’t think of any other reason Tammy Wynette would be on the UK’s radar.