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Good News, Everyone!


Somebody has to know some French! Respondez-vous sil vous plait, or whatever. Respond, if you please. The “if you please” part is polite mumbles. Respond either way.

Had a party once where only two friends came. Had invited a lot of people from work. Things got really difficult at work for some of the staff for a goodly while afterwards. I may not always take vengeance; but I certainly respond!

It’s only good manners.


Lucky kid.


I found this quite touching; an article about a Dutch charity that helps to fulfil the last wishes of those with not much time left to live:


Coming this weekend! For free!

Harvest moon, blood moon, and a total lunar eclipse.

Have a howlin’ good time!



The Huck award of the day for a good deed goes to the guy I just saw take off his own coat (in the rain) and hand it to a homeless boy huddled in a doorway.


Stephen Hawking Yuri Milner and Mark Zuckerberg to cooperate in Starshot project to send a probe to Alpha Centauri.

Russian businessman Yury Milner joined forces with Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg to launch the Breakthrough Starshot project, aiming to send a tiny robot to Alpha Centauri in the next 20 years.
The announcement comes on the day of the 55th anniversary of the first manned space flight.

The joint initiative by the well-known Russian Internet investor, the English physicist and the American Facebook co-founder will reportedly cost $100 million.

The automated probe is being sent to Alpha Centauri, and is expected to reach it in 20 years. Called a “nanocraft” due to only weighing a gram, it will be sent 25 trillion miles – or 4.37 light years – by beam of light.

The fastest currently existing spacecraft would take some 30,000 years to reach Alpha Centauri.

Pushed by multiple lasers combined into a single powerful beam, the nanocraft will be able to reach a speed of 20 percent of the speed of light. This means that it will be able to reach Pluto, for example, in a few days, instead of the eight and a half years it took NASA’s New Horizons probe.

The “interstellar sail boat,” as the Russian billionaire called it, “could capture images of possible planets and other scientific data and send it back home in a beam of light.”

“Without new methods of propulsion, we simply cannot get very far,” Stephen Hawking said at the press-event, calling the nanocraft “the most pragmatic technology available.”


That certainly solves the stowaway problem.


I sense some disappointment…


Ah, this is nice.

[quote]Evans, Downey & Paltrow Visit Young Marvel Fan Battling Cancer

While “Captain America: Civil War” may have put Steve Rogers and Tony Stark on opposing sides of the Sokovia Accords, in real life Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. remain very close friends. Also good friends with these superhero actors is Gwyneth Paltrow. While Paltrow’s Marvel character Pepper Potts may not have been in “Civil War,” you can be sure that if she was, she would have reconciled Steve and Tony faster than Loki can say, “You have a Hulk.”

Today Paltrow brought both Evans and Downey Jr. together for a real-life superhero mission, meeting a very special fan named Ryan Wilcox. Wilcox’s high school and friends have been rallying for him to meet Evans on social media for months using the hashtag #RyanStrong as he is huge Captain America fan. When Paltrow found out about Wilcox’s illness (Secondary Myelodysplastic Syndrome) she arranged for Evans, Downey Jr., and herself to be flown to San Diego to meet Wilcox and his family.

Paltrow documented their trip on Instagram, and Evans shared his thoughts on Twitter. More photos can also be seen on Instagram under the #RyanStrong hashtag.[/quote]


That’s very cool. Good on them for doing something like this when they don’t have to.


[quote]Boy, 13, visits all 270 tube stations in one day in memory of brother

Alasdair Clift, from Wirral, finished 20-hour journey at Heathrow Terminal 5, raising more than £12,000 for blood cancer charity[/quote]

Great achievement for a good cause. And he’s only 13!



Tom Hanks: officially a super-nice guy.


This is just unbelievable.

I heard him interviewed over the last couple of days too. He was asked whether he had anything to say today to the bullies who made his life miserable as a youngster. His response was that we need to try and appreciate where these people are coming from and what might have damaged them to make them behave that way; a completely sincere message of forgiveness and understanding. What an achievement in so many ways.


Ugh. Tom Hanks has been super-nice for, like, forever. He should really sacrifice a kitten or something one of these days, just to finally mix it up a bit!


Fair enough - as long as he doesn’t sacrifice a puppy.


This is a great story:

(Yes, it’s about toilets, stop tittering.)


This is a nice story.


Mr Dodevski put it bluntly: “I see many, many girls - maybe [more beautiful], a little, than Noora. But I see something special in Noora’s eyes, and I say: ‘This is it. I must have Noora here to be my wife!’”

Awwww :slight_smile: