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Give a needy kid an Xmas present & get a free comic from me!


Ok, here’s the thing…
I know Christmas is a religious holiday and everything, but the way I see it is, it is about kids and EVERY kid deserves a present from Santa Claus!
Hopefully you feel the same?

My wife told me about this fantastic charity appeal where you can donate a shoebox full of toys and the get shipped to kids that won’t be getting anything this year.
My heart just melted and I thought this is a wonderful idea…so, did it last night.
There are two options, go out and make your own box or you could go to their website (address below) and build an online shoebox full or presents.

To make it online it costs £15 + £3 P&P, which I know isn’t cheap and at this time of the year I know that money can be in short supply.

So, maybe I can give you a little incentive?! :blush:

If you like the idea of this as much as i do and decide not to buy a pizza tonight or have one less round in the pub…and give a needy kid a Christ that they’ll never forget!

The FIRST person to post their confirmation email in this thread will get a FREE copy of the Cordelia Swift trade and I will post it ANYWHERE in the world, again at no cost to you, AS A HUGE THANK YOU!

For the next twenty (If we can get that many) you can have either a FREE Random comic that I pick AND again I’ll post any where in he world at no cost to you!
If you can wait, because it is still a good few months away, but instead of the a random comic, you can have a FREE copy of #1 of the new comic, THE ETHER that I am working on with the amazing @Dizevez again FREE postage anywhere.

So, come on dig deep and help a kid get a Christmas present who would otherwise not be getting anything!

Thanks for reading the post!



Good idea Mr. Garvey.


I’m going to regret this…
Your a good man @mattgarvey1981


Bet you felt REALLY dirty after sending that, didn’t ya?
How many showers did you need?
Two? Three?
It was three wasn’t it?! :joy:


Here you go Mr Garvey,

Thank you for giving a shoebox online at Shoebox World!

Your gift will be packed by our wonderful Operation Christmas Child volunteers and sent to children who live in very difficult conditions or family situations. Your shoebox gift will help to show them that they are loved and not forgotten.

Order ID: SBWUK-17949
Total amount: £18.00

Thank you for your kindness and generosity,

Operation Christmas Child Team


You magnificent bastard!
DM me your address and I’ll send you the free Cordelia Swift trade.


You, know what?!
Next person to do it too will also get a free Cordelia Trade too!

Let’s help another kid know that Santa hasn’t forgotten them this year!


There was a sale at Costco so I bathed in Bleach.
On the plus side my skin is now the purist shade of white you can find verging on albino. I blend right in up here in sunny Scotland!


I’m just surprised the locals hadn’t already bleached you, because of, well you know, the accent :grimacing:


It looks like the website is down?

Perhaps too many MWers are overloading?

I’ll try later.


Well, if you promise to do it, you can gave the second free trade!


Free comic is fine Matt, and well done on the whole thing! Keep going!


Well you’re getting a trade if you post the confirmation :joy:


It is testament to everyone’s moral character that no-one has copied & pasted Jim’s confirmation and changed the last couple of digits on the order number. :slight_smile:


What’s that?

Maybe post something in here to give this thread a bump?

Well, okay then. :wink:


It doesn’t like the URL Matt posted for some reason. I made an edit and the 404 message is gone.


you are star, thank you, Sir.


Need you to DM me your address so I can send your Cordelia Trade out, Sir.


Well, did ya?



Did my bit for charity.