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Get ComicScene UK into newsagents - can you help?

First thanks to Mark for sharing this on twitter today.
6 months ago we were a small indie publisher planning a 48pg subscription only magazine for comic fans old and new with a handful of writers - now we produce 64+ page issues, have over 50 writers and artists and exclusive offers coming your way on great comic titles
You had a few ideas, we listened and we have attempted to deliver on them.
ComicScene UK can be distributed to every comic shop in the U.K.via Diamond Distribution and Previews UK.
We’ve managed to bring the subscription price down (see
We’ve also got agreement to get into 600 newsagents including WH Smith and McColls, who expect the magazine to do very well.
Everything has happened faster than expected and now we are turning to comic fans for your help.
There is less than a week to pledge at the crowdfunder - - please pledge whatever you can.
Anything over £5 will be in a draw to win either the £80 Ken Reid PowerPack, The 4 1st issue DC WalMart exclusive 100 page giants or the Apollo hardback graphic novel.
Can you help? We hope you can so we can continue to promote the comics medium we know and love to a wider audience.
As always, thanks for your help and support.