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George Gaynes Dies; ‘Police Academy’ & ‘Punky Brewster’ Regular Was 98



Oh FFS, just go sit on a bollard, 2016.

RIP Commandant Lassard.


98? That’s a good innings. More than most of us will get.


US average male life expectancy is 76 so that’s a 22 year extension.

Still sad of course to see a favourite old actor leave us. RIP.


I loved this movie so much when I was fourteen. Small factoid: The Police Academy movies made more money in Scotland than anywhere else in the world per head of population. So much so, in fact, that Mission to Moscow’s world premiere was in Glasgow!!



He was hilarious in the Police Academy movies.



The Police Academy movies were maybe the biggest thing in the 80’s. I must have watched each of them a dozen times (well the first 3 anyway).

Steve Guttenberg really deserves a comeback. Dude should have his own TV show.


One of my favourite things about Steve Guttenberg is that he divided his memoirs into the following chapters:

  1. Who is Steve Guttenberg?

  2. I want Steve Guttenberg

  3. I want a Steve Guttenberg type

  4. I want a young Steve Guttenberg

  5. Who is Steve Guttenberg?