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George Apple

So I got the artwork back for George Apple today and a mock up of the design so I thought it was time to start a thread in the hopes that other Millarworlders might buy it when it comes out in a few months.

I haven’t signed off the artwork yet, I will probably do that tomorrow.

This is what the blurb reads on the back:

To Ruby, Dev, Darwin, Bert and Zookie, the tiny village of Homestead seems like the most boring place in the entire galaxy…

But when a strange, white-haired boy called George Apple crash lands in an escape pod, they find out that not only is there much more to the people of Homestead - they may be Technicians; skilled warriors with powers some believe are magic - but that George Apple might be the most powerful of them all: a Dark Bright.

Now, with the help of two of these Technicians - Clarion and Perl - they must deal with killer animal-droids, space pirates, racist aliens, Irish robots and Ruby and Darwin’s dad… all while escaping the clutches of the evil Red Sky empire and protecting George, as the entire future of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

Having watched the latest series of Stranger Things I’m glad it’s had a lot of praise, if I was asked to name something it was similar to, right now I’d say Stranger Things is closest in terms of adventure tone. I watched a middle-grade style adventure on Netflix recently called Rim Of The World I think and it was terrible. There was so many sex jokes I felt uncomfortable. It was extremely cringey so I’m glad that Stranger Things shows you can just stick to having characters that are fun and likeable in that 80s Goonies type style.

Below is more of a spoiler for George Apple as opposed to Stranger Things but applies to both.

I completely rewrote the ending a few weeks ago to make it somewhat more upbeat and I’m really glad as it had some similarities to the end of Stranger Things and that worked three series in but for George Apple I felt the tone was all wrong in how the characters were left.

So anyway, yes, I’m finishing the first final redraft at the moment so it still has a few stages to go before it gets released but it’s getting there!!


Oh also, what is a preferable pen name?..


I’m partial to the latter but not sure.

I assumed you would just use your Millarworld name.


I can’t. Samurai City is under Parker McCombe and it has swearing and violence and sex, so it has to have a different pen name so it can be differentiated easily for an all ages audience.

I wouldn’t let my nephew near a Sam City story. Plus he’d probably hate it anyway.

I think he was referring to McTwatface as the preferred name.

The Davids thing makes me think of the Dutch footballer.


Haha I don’t even notice that anymore. I’ll maybe keep it for if I ever write a sexy book.


One of my mates at school nicknamed me ‘Edgar’ for this very reason.

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I always liked it that Dutch footballers all had ‘old man’ first names that were really out of fashion in Britain. These cool sporting idols were Clarence, Edgar, Brian, Dennis and Edwin.


I love that too. Do you remember the Winners binder collection they use to sell in the 80’s?


I found my brother’s recently and there’s some cracker names in general, especially old man’s names that were just going out of fashion attached to people where it make you wonder the story why they were named that. Calling George Apple George was a conscious decision but I was thinking the other day how I’d I completely stopped thinking of it being an old man’s name after a couple of times using it.

Many of them have come back into fashion. George, Henry etc. Almost no kids my age were called that but kids are now.

I don’t think Edgar and Clarence have quite managed that yet.


This looks and sounds cool.

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Thank you :grin: