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Geeky places to visit in London


I’m going to be in London this week for the Hans Zimmer concert (sooo excited!!), and I have a bit of spare time on my hands. Where are the best geeky places and shops to visit? I live in Scotland so I have no idea!


I trust Hans will be playing the Going For Gold theme tune.


That’s what I said !


I always try and pop in here when I’m down though haven’t been in a year or so.


I hear one can go to Buckingham Palace and annoy the absolute crap out of the beefeaters, and they won’t even twitch!


There are no Beefeaters at Buckingham Palace, that’s the Tower of London.

Your source is unreliable, sack them. :wink:


Dang it. More new personnel!

This gets tiring.


The Wellcome Collection:

My wife and I discovered this place the last time we were over and loved it. A great intersetion of science and art.


The Cartoon Museum is pretty small but really close to the National Museum so it’s a nice wee thing to do before or afterwards.


Someone mentioned that there was a comic exhibit somewhere in London at the moment if any of you know where that is?


And nothing else. For two and a half hours.

With the doors locked.


…the heat is on…


Was it this one?


Yes! Thank you :slight_smile:


No worries.


Suggest British Museum, Forbidden planet on Shaftesbury avenue, Gosh Comics, the cartoon museum (just round the corner from the British museum). Gosh and FP both have a lot of signed limited edition stuff.

The Tate Modern and Tate Britain are both good too. Tate Modern has some good pop art stuff

If you like Star Wars the Madame Tussauds thing was actually good but best to go when no kids about if possible (and book in advance)

The national portrait gallery is pretty good too. Again, good pop art stuff


I ended up at Gosh (and the first person I saw buying something was buying Empress and Huck!) and FP. I loved Gosh! so many awesome back issues as well as current stuff.
I spent Friday at EGX Rezzed playing the games and drinking cider lol.


So when did cider-sipping move from October to April?

Nobody told me! :laughing:


Ha! I drink cider all year round :stuck_out_tongue: