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GARVEYVERSE Review Thread: Cordelia Swift, CHUNKS, Transfer & The Ether


That’s all folks!

Buy Matt’s books at and also remember he is this guy @mattgarvey1981 and you should remember too that @DIZEVEZ is about to skyrocket to superstardom!



Matt is my favourite today. :slight_smile:

Hi Tim. :blush:


I love that we now have the term ‘Garveyverse’ !


I for one am looking for the interlinking series of movies, followed by the big Avengers style Garveyverse team-up movie.

I haven’t been able to watch all of these yet this morning, but am looking forward to it later.


I wasn’t expecting this when i woke up this morning…

First things first, whats all this nonsense about YOUR last ever post?!
I wasn’t consulted, permission was never granted and i ain’t having this!!!
Unless you have some kind of incurable penis shrinking disease…don’t go.

In all seriousness…Tim, what can i say, mate?!
Thank you is a good start…to say that i was welling up when i watched each of those reviews is an understatement and even now as i write this i have tears in my eyes.
(Yes, tears, so, screw you if you can’t handle it…If Clint Eastwood can cry in Million Dollar baby, so can i)

in addition to the amazing artist collaborators i’ve gotten to work with over the last few years, there are two people in my life who without i seriously couldn’t make comics.
One is my wife, who i love more than life itself…
But the other is this place…(yes, i’m considering MillarWorld as a collective…like Legion, because otherwise it is going to sound like one of those Oscar acceptance speech that just wont end!)
The friendship, encouragement, support and guidance i have received on here is a kindness i’ve never known.
For that i am eternally grateful to each and every one of you, especially you Tim, because this was such a nice gesture that i will never EVER forget…and if this indeed is your last post…boy, did you waste it!!!
Seriously, on me?!
What were you thinking man?!
You coulda done a video of you reading a poignant poem and bowed out with a little class and dignity…

But i am glad you did this…it was like reliving my comic writing history which was a nice walk down memory lane!

And yes, @DIZEVEZ is the REAL star of The Ether…i couldn’t agree with you more!

Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!

Lotsa love…



just today?

Its a little Joke that @DIZEVEZ capitalized on the charity variant of the Ether too!

Chunks in the world of Ether…i wanna write that!


Um…Matt…Sorry. There has been a mistake. Tim actually mean to review Moonlight.


you ever get Déjà vu?


you ever get Déjà vu?


didnt you just say that?


I don’t think so, but I’ll check with the kitchen.


are you off to see the groundhog?


I’m off to cook the rat and eat it!


It is true. I have the incurable penis shrinking disease.

But… my last wish before I disappear completely was to review your books and post them in video form.




What an amazing (and well-deserved) gesture from Tim. :+1:



To say i am gutted that Tim is leaving is an understatement.


Quick, Matt. Write another comic! Write ALL the comics right this instance!! :slight_smile:

I know you will soon. I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more. Keep doing what you love and the rest will follow.

Goodbye Tim (but only from MW). You saved the best post for last. :kissing_heart:


Give me three weeks!!!
I got another one coming soon!!!
Tim don’t go!!!

awwwwwww shucks…thank you!