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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Maybe there’s an elevator like the one at the Wall.

Or not.



I have to say, I thought Sheern’s cameo was better acted than Thomas Turgoose’s.


Nice episode, obviously… But there were some things that bothered me a lot… IIRC, Dragonstone is like very near KL… Yet we see Euron’s armada there, but at no point did they cross paths with Danny’s… Also the time-line is starting to get very lose there… but whatevs…

I guess it was a nice way to touch ground with everyone important in the plot. Everyone got their scenes I think. Oh and I’m super glad Dannaeris finally set foot on motherfuckin Westeros (well, almost but close enough)… it was about time. I hope they keep up the fast pace… especially since I thought there were gonna be 8 episodes, not 6… =/

Oh, also, I’m just waiting for Sansa to fuck up… you know it’s coming… u_u


Split the difference, there’s seven. Only six next season though.


Nah, that’s nothin. Maybe for little Tyrion, and it’s a bit silly Dany didn’t hitch a ride on a dragon, but twice in my life I’ve made 20+ mile hikes in one day before sunfall, up mountains (one being the highest in the contiguous US at that!) and I was no unsullied at the time, I’ll tell you that!

The episode felt like looking at the menu at a restaurant, checking out what’s on the horizon, but still having to wait for the food to come. I’m sure things are going to barrel forward with little to no deadweight from here on out, though.


It was a light episode that wasn’t so interesting for a while and then gradually got better. Arya Stark’s scene with the soldiers was very good.


My question is how Jorah ended up at the Citadel. Is he being treated for greyscale? Is he a prisoner? Samwell doesn’t know.


IIRC he said he was gonna go there, my guess is he’s in some sort of medical ward, not really a prison. The maesters also serve as doctors, as seen in Sam’s scenes cleaning all sort of filth, I assume they keep the more exotic (and contagious) as isolated as possible.

And yes, it was indeed a lght episode, most of it wasn’t new stuff per-se, more of a reaffirmation of where we last left them… but hey, at least that’s out of the way. I hope they won’t waste a whole episode on a recap thing next season tho, that’d be a shame =/


I wonder how many links we MWers would have on our own Maester chains.



Ok, I know it’s probably really bad netiquette to quote oneself just to feel smug, so I apologize in advance… but it’s just so rare I get to be smug! Please, let me have my moment! This was me in this thread in June last year…

Prediction coming along nicely so far…!

(Cue both characters getting slaughtered next week just to teach me a lesson in humility…)


I’ve often speculated that the main characters are following roles of the seven gods, and I’ve put in different characters where I thought they fit over the years. With the story coming to a close I’ve got a new revision:

Father: Jamie
Mother: Daenyres
Maiden: Sansa
Crone: Cersi
Stranger: Arya
Smith: Sam
Warrior: Jon

What’s interesting is I no longer make Tyrion one of the main protagonists. And given this opening episode that’s the case. He’s no longer driving the events, he’s being carried along by them like Brienne or Jorah or Davos. He’s a 2nd tier player. Could it be that everyone’s favorite wiseass will ultimately be on the sidelines for the remainder of the story while the real power players fight it out in the resolution? Or could Tyrion replace someone like Sam in the seven? Or is the seven idea just garbage that I should save to myself?


If you are going to represent a Sept, don’t you need to bring in the others? What about the fire god, Azore Azhol (or whatever)? Bran is apparently the Three-Eyed Raven, but what gods do the Children worship? What is the hierarchy of the Dead? Lots of other deities about, I should think, even before unearthing Valyria.


I guess it’d depend if the seven are supposed to be “good” (which I don’t know 'cause I don’t have enough lore in my head, since I didn’t read the books) in which case Cersei shoud probably not be in that list.

As for Tyrion, I don’t remember if I put forward that argument here, I think so, don’t recall, but he’s never been a protagonist per-se in the show because as you said he’s never carried or led the events. I mean, he obviously is important and a lead character, but I think he’s seen as one of the protagonists because of PD and the TV show, but if you notice, even within the show, he’s always being carried by the events, he is more of a “spectator” rather than a driving force. The three protagonists under that parameter have been Cersei, Jon & Danny (those are the 3 more consistent ones at least, from a narrative point).


Yeah, that was a strong opening episode, I really enjoyed it. I agree that the strongest bit was Arya with the Lannister soldiers, which did a very good job of getting across a lot of the point of Brienne’s plot in A Feast For Crows, but in like 3 minutes instead of 200 pages


Enlighten me, please.

And no, not at the stake.


Basically, in A Feast for Crows, Brienne and Pod spend most of the book travelling around the countryside learning just how horrible war is on the smallfolk.


I thought it was funny to see that the internet basically hated that cameo. My reaction was basically “oh hey, that guy” and that’s it.

The only issue I had with last night’s episode was that it ended and now there are only 6 more weeks of Game of Thrones this year.


[quote=“Jim, post:1904, topic:172”]
What’s interesting is I no longer make Tyrion one of the main protagonists.
[/quote]Aside from the reality that Peter Dinklage still has top billing and thus not likely to be downgraded to a supporting role, I recall a rumor that he might have Targaryen blood (which would explain why Tywin kept telling him “You’re not my son” and “you’re not a Lannister”) and thus would become the third dragon rider alongside Daenarys and Jon.

Then again, there are other contradictory rumors that seem more likely.