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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


I tried watching The White Queen on Starz to take the edge off, but it doesn’t have dragons or direwolves or White Walkers, and most of the battles take place offscreen. GIVE ME MY GAME OF THRONES!!!





Oh that music, remind me of possibly the best 20 minutes of TV I’ve ever seen.


Watched trailer.

Now drying off my chair.


Remember how cute it was in season 1 where they couldn’t show the battle scenes because it was too expensive?



The cello music really helped build up those scenes…


Did I see Beric Dondarrion in there? I think I did.


Yeah son, he may be dead in the books, but he’s alive and well in the show since he didn’t sacrifice his undying for the character that everyone hoped would be eventually revealed.


Hey, it might still happen!




Game of Thrones trailers are one of the few things that makes me wish life moved faster.



…and I am a newcomer who binge-watched the whole thing last Winter.


Well that got me fucking excited.

Man. This is going to be beyond awesome.

That trailer is a work of art, daramaturgically. These people really know what they’re doing.




In the run-up to Season 7, this past weekend HBO began a marathon airing of Seasons 1 through 6 on one of their channels. It has been blissful.


Currently watching the Battle of the Bastards. Wow, six seasons went by quickly.