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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)




That would be pretty stupid if they do that. They might lose a lot of viewers who simply forget or stop giving a crap. Particularly with the recent bump in quality of tv shows…


It’s obnoxious but I highly doubt people are gonna bail on the last 6 episodes of an entire series.


Fans of the show? no they won’t bail… casual viewers? not so sure… especially, and correct me if I’m wrong, but you pay for HBO in a monthly or yearly basis… so, are people gonna renew with such a big gap? will they bother to? etc…

It could hurt them, I think. Or maybe not… I dunno… :smile:



Yeah, whatever, Ned. You bailed on the show before the first season ended.


To be fair, he did get ahead of himself.


Yeah, I think you’re right in that it might hurt HBO’s customer business. I doubt anyone would jump ship with the last season, but you might buy it off a streaming service instead of staying with HBO if GoT is one of the main reasons you’re a customer there.

On the other hand, all they said is they’re giving the showrunners as much time as they need, which is a good thing. Wrap things up properly, and if it takes a few months longer to make it as good as it can be - sure, go ahead.


Of course, the main streaming service that carries game of thrones is HBO go…


I can get new episodes the day they’re aired off of amazon, though. Which is what I’ve been doing ever since I decided to, ahem, not use alternative options anymore.


Yeah, but that’s in a territory where HBO don’t offer a service. In the US, a HBO go subscription is basically Netflix but for their shows, and they frequently put shows up early on there - it’s a source for early torrents sometimes


But can you still get the episodes at the normal time through amazon or iTunes? Keeping exclusivity has both advantages and disadvantages, obviously.


I’m not sure for the states, I do know of people who subscribe to HBO go for the duration of one show they like and binge everything else at the same time, or grab it for a month or two to just binge everything.

Same as some people do for Netflix, basically


I remember when the Sopranos was really big some subscribers would just have HBO only when the season came up and discontinue HBO after the season finale. Then the next year they would do it over again.

So most likely, some will discontinue HBO after this season’s finale and resuming it in 2019 or whenever season 8 begins.

Cable bills will run you almost $200/month if you aren’t careful…


Apparently Dan and Dave are having a bit of artistic constipation. They want to put too fine a point on it and have six episodes to do so. I think they freaked. They finally freaked, those “voices of reason” and knowledge.

Stress kills!


Which is why their challenge is to keep up a roster of good shows that means people have more reasons to keep subscribed.




This is crazy. I didn’t care for fantasy shows and only saw bits and pieces while channel surfing. Then I binge watched all of it last Winter and now I can’t wait for the new season to start.

It can be an addiction.