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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Feels like a Prince Caspian situation. HBO would be wiser finding the next Game of Thrones, rather than trying to offer weak spin offs.


Is it Season 7: Men In Black? Had enough trouble with the danged banners, now everybody’s going to the same tailor?


HBO stresses that all four projects are in development. There is no set timetable for them, and they will be evaluated when the scripts are completed.

They’re paying people to write, draw, design and generally brainstorm until they come up with something HBO thinks will work.

And if they don’t then HBO will pull the plug and write off the (relatively) small costs so far.

‘GoTs’ has been their biggest hit, they’d be nuts not to look for ways to spin off from it, but they’d be nuts to green light something that doesn’t look really good on the page.


Are people gonna be that interested tho? GoT has been a “thing” but those don’t happen so often…

I’m sure the uber fans will check it out, but I dunno…


I see no reason why people wouldn’t be interested? Literally none. This is how brands work. It’s from the people/company/world/etc. that you already know.

Like Game of Thrones? Well this is related to it!

Ok, show me.

People watched ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, it’s not the same kind of hit as it’s parent show, but people watched it. Spin offs and sequels are made for precisely that reason.

I don’t think it’s the uber fan that matters, it’s the casual viewer who likes the show and will be open to something that may give them the same sort of thing to replace it.

If people don’t like it once they’ve seen it, fair enough, but there will be interest.


Easier said than done.

They’d probably invest in a known franchise that drives HBO subscriptions and sells merchandise than sink even more money in something that will get a lukewarm reception like Carnivale or Deadwood.

It’s not easy to pull hits out of thin air.

I’d freaking love to see HBO produce William Gibson’s Sprawl or Clive Barker’s Imajica or Dan Simmons’ Hyperion, but I can understand why they’d go back to the Song of Ice and Fire well and make “Dunk & Egg” or “Robert’s Rebellion” instead. If I was putting up my own money, I’d bet on the latter.


I’m hoping they jump forward and do something set in the future of the world, like Star Trek TNG or The Legend of Korra, then telling a prequel story we already mostly know like Robert’s Rebellion.


There’s no reason why it couldn’t work - we’re in an age where brands outlive characters. If Star Wars is doing it, Lord of the Rings is doing it and Harry Potter is doing it then Game of Thrones could in theory do it too.

That said, Games of Thrones has that set character and story element. A show without the Starks probably wouldn’t work on it’s own. So either they go Hobbit and tell the story of Roberts Rebellion (essentially the previous generation) or they go Force Awakens and tell us about the Stark kids. Either way I think has problems - we’re already seeing bits of the Rebellion, and after defeating the White Walkers what else could there be? A bigger White Walker?

So it’s certainly something some fans will lap up - the same fans buying t shirts and doing cosplay. Until the next new thing comes along and it falls out of fashion - and that’s the problem. You want to be creating the next fashion trend, not prolonging the existing one.


HBO only care about one thing - subscription rates. They don’t want anyone turning off once the last GOT episode airs. They don’t have much else going on anymore (Westworld isn’t quite the same hit) and most of their other shows are serving different demographics (my polite way of saying chasing Sex and the City watchers).

They need to appeal to the geeks. I think the b story of GOT won’t stop folks from leaving. The should go after Jupiters Legacy. Maybe Saga. They could do alot with Y the Last Man. It’s not an easy search, but I’d hope they find the next big thing pretty soon. If only so we get to watch it and become fans.


SyFy have the rights, bought up at the same time as Childhood’s End, The Expanse and The Magicians.



Years ago during my Thought Provoking Thread days I asked in the forum if they created the next big popular character or world what would they do with it. Most said they would milk their property dry for all the cash, others said they would would market it but keep its dignity or coolness. So to each their own. HBO apparently wants to milk it so we will see what works and what doesn’t.


The fact that there is no “Y:The Last Man” series in the works still baffles me.


Its a hard sell as a TV show because you can’t just cast glamorous.


Madam Hydra Sexypants disagrees with you.


Well isn’t this interesting?

Short version, HBO is looking at five spin-offs and Dunk and Egg and Robert’s Rebellion are not among them. All five are prequels and may not take place in Westeros.


Not take place in Westeros = Good.
All prequels = Bad.



Daenerys maybe, Arya I don’t think so (due to the cropping).



Great trailer! Hurry up July!