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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)





If we’re lucky he’ll be killed off.

Not sure what will happen to his character if he is, though :wink:




I have always had a soft spot for Qyburn. He’s a cool character.


He would’ve made a perfect Minister of Health in Trumps Cabinet.



I wonder if James are going to get a lot of downloads from that promo.

That song was huge in student bars when I was in college but not sure if it had much impact in the US.

(Ha ha, just checked and the video on youtube is full of ‘Game of Thrones got me here’ comments).


The war of the Four Kings, then?


My anticipation for the show isn’t spoiled by the fact that I don’t like that song, and never did, because I do like that shot of Cersei’s breath appearing in the cold.



I’m looking forward to the scene where Ed Sheeran gets killed in a horrible, painful way.

I mean, they ARE going to kill him in a horrible, painful way, right?



All men must die.



Alt Shift X always have succinct and perceptive analysis of Game of Thrones. Last April Fools they did an entire episode on Hodor, albeit in character. It was fun. This year is even better.


Wow I’m surprised there’s a porn version of GoT… Isn’t GoT porny enough already? :smile:


Clearly not.


I sent this to a mate of mine and he immediately replied; “Is it weird if I already know the plot of Game of Bones?”


There’s a plot?