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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


‘Game Of Thrones’: Season 8 Episode Count Still TBD



Well I didn’t claim that, so… good thing, I guess? :smile:

Yes he was a shit, but not AS selfish or ambitious as LF. Not quite… Ramsay’s a small player compared to LF.




We will most likely get preview footage of S7 at the San Diego convention.

Can wait. Patience…




July 16th.


[quote=“PaulF, post:1759, topic:172”]
July 16th.

We will miss the second episode during a trip to Ireland, and the third and fourth episodes for a trip to North Carolina. Please don’t spoil anything; PLEASE!!!


All Men Must Die.


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So you’re not going to want details on the CIA flying saucer assault on King’s Landing?


Turns out the whole story is actually Earth 2000 years from now.


That just means viewing party!


…then head up north for a set visit.


@njerry… DVR the episodes


[quote=“alx, post:1766, topic:172”]
… DVR the episodes
[/quote]I have HBO On Demand so I’ll be able to watch the episodes when I get back home. I just need to be really careful to avoid spoilers. I want Sansa’s brutal death to come as a shock.

Oops, did I say too much there?!



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Don’t worry, the CIA takes her aboard one of their flying saucers and reattaches her head so she’s good as new.