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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


So I am finished with season 5 and am all caught up. 50 eps in about 3 months… I saw season 6 already.

The ep where Ramsey made Theon/Reek watch… Still over the top for me. Ramsey as a character was just a caricature of sadism like the Joker. Real cruelty imho, should be more subtle. Anyway Ramsey went to the dogs…

Arya is in some monastery/temple studying to be a chameleon ninja.

Speaking of ninjas, those Dorne girls can fight. I liked the one with short hair.

Anyway… Shame… Shame… Shame… Shame…

Seeing the daughter burned to death was so hard core to me… like the red wedding. Those scenes were done right.

Dragonmom flying away was the stuff of fantasy


I’m happy for them to work on quality not quantity. This is the end game after all.


Rewatching quite a lot of past episodes during the marathon runs on HBO between Christmas and New Years, I am impressed by the consistent quality of the writing, acting, camerawork, and production throughout the six seasons. Yes, the scenes of Daenerys riding the dragon are not exactly smooth; and yes, it is a bit bothersome when actors are switched between seasons (exactly how many people have played Ser Gregor Clegane?); but the series has never dipped in quality or gotten horribly bogged down by subplots and stale storylines. I think the fact that they follow so many diverse characters in diverse locations helps to keep things moving along at a fairly rapid pace, but they still manage to maintain clear and focused storytelling.

Can’t wait for Season 7!


Just the one, but he’s a chameleon like Bowie. oddly, no fewer than twenty-one different actors have played Jamie though.


I am all caught up now…


What did you think of Cersei’s revenge?

I thought it was probably the best 20 minutes of TV drama I’ve seen.


Cersi’s revenge was well done.

The cello music score, the buildup with the cut scenes which built up the suspense and the candles burning in the flammables… Excellent.


Did they get a real cellist yet? :wink:

I found it increasingly difficult to watch the opening, which features a pale, pallid, pathetic computer-generated imitation of a solo cello.

To hire a solo cellist in L.A. for a three-hour recording session would cost you 1.5 to 2 times scale (scale being approximately $236). So, let’s say the session would have cost, at the highest rate, $472. That would break down to, over the ten episodes of Season One, about $48 per episode. There would also be residuals payable to the cellist for the DVD release of that season – about the same amount.

I can only conclude, that, although you spent a reported $6 million to $10 million per episode, you were too tight to add fifty bucks to achieve musical integrity. Instead of an exciting, genuine, red-blooded cello solo, you went with an insipid simpering milquetoast midi version. I am surprised that Mr. G.R.R. Martin has not spoken out regarding this, since his considerable imagination deserves far more than a theme played by a fake anemic ghoul, which every true musician has to disgustedly wince at. Frankly, it’s enough to make Tyrion retch.

Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to help you! Herein is not only your original opening theme, but also your opening theme as it sounds with a real musician (Rubin Kodheli, the fabulous Albanian cellist), so you can compare. Not only have I already paid Rubin for his work (1.5 times scale), but we are providing the real cello stem, at no cost to you! to replace the flaccid forgery currently infecting the opening of your title sequence.


Cello geeks are the geekiest geeks.


She had me at Cello.


Shame. Shame. Shame.



I’ve had this tune in my head the entire day. Thought I’d share it with you.




I think the writer either;

(a) had to find a story to write, or
(b) is confusing understanding with agreeing.

It’s not like anyone who watches the show should be unaware of Cersei’s life, experiences or motives. We’re all very well aware of why she does what she does.

But that doesn’t mean that we all agree with her motives or her methods.

In a show that’s not short of villains, she’s one of the most interesting and the most complex, but she’s a villain nonetheless.


It’s both.


Number 4 on that list gets completely thrown out the window at the end of last season.

I mean, the article really loses it with point #1, honestly. Because every woman in the show has to deal with the same misogyny, but not every woman has the benefit of also being the queen. Dany has to deal with the gender politics, so does Sansa, so did Margery, and so on.

But yeah, while she’s a complex character with pretty clear motives, she’s still a villain.


Yeah, one of the core themes of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones is the sexism of Westeros and how the different characters deal with it - Sansa and Cersei are courtly politicians, Catelyn was a different kind of politician, and they all need or needed to direct men to do their bidding. At the same time Brienne is trying to live in a man’s world and facing a wholly different kind of discrimination, but is still master of her own destiny in a way that the political characters aren’t.

I’d say antagonist rather than a villain, but she’s more of a sympathetic character in the books.which might be shading my view.


I think I could have gone with antagonist up until the end of this last season. Last season she went full out villain.

I do agree she’s more sympathetic in the books, but only slightly.


Last season she went full Servalan


At least as far as the TV show is concerned, she’s pretty villainous, I’d say. There’s a complete lack of scruples, and of sympathy towards anyone who isn’t family, and she’s sadistic and vindictive towards Tyrion even before she has - from her PoV - good reason to be. She’s power-hungry, she’s a plotter of intrigue and secret murder… she pretty much has all the defining attributes of a villain.

There’s antagonists to the Starks who aren’t exactly villains - Stannis, for example, plays an antagonistic role at some points, and he does some pretty heinous things, but without ever becoming a real villain. And Jamie is actually a great example for an antagonist (most of the time) who is not a villain. Even though the very first action he takes on the show/novel is a decidedly villanous one, and he’s the one character who is defamed as a villain throughout Westeros.

I think that’s exactly it.

The best villains are always the one you can relate to, at least up to a point. Every villain should be the hero of their own story. And I think Cersei very much is that. Tragic hero, though, of course. I really did feel for her last season, when Tommen jumped. Given that her greatest, defining motivation was protecting her children, it’s just spectacular how badly she failed. I can’t imagine what she will do next. Except that it probably won’t be good.

The same goes for Littlefinger, by the way. He, too, has a backstory that makes us sympathetic to him (of a great love spurned), he too has an agenda that from his point of view is probably a hero’s story of rising from nothing to greatness. He’s clever and witty and likeable, too, sometimes. He’s a great villain especially because it wouldn’t take much for him not to be one.