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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


Ah ok, yeah, I see what you meant. I was talking about the two shows individually, but sure, if you want to get into the larger context, I can agree with that.

Still, “minority” representation has sky-rocketed in recent years, so it’s not as dire as those articles would like you to believe. It could be better though.

I sure wouldn’t mind watching more shows like Luke Cage, i.e. “minority”-centric shows instead of filling quotas on every show.


Months late (for me), and not needed by anyone here, a “story so far video”, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson!? :astonished:




I have been binging on this and I am up to season 3 …

I was never into medieval fantasy but this is well done with the storytelling and intrigue so far. I like the Tyrion guy,the dragon mom lady, and her light skinned assistant/translator. I have my criticisms like why are all the girls married against their will and practically raped on their wedding night? Furthermore they seem to get stronger from the experience, which is a bad message but I digress.

There is always a male character like King Joffrey and others who is such a dick/a$$hole. I know the brat king will get his.

Anyway, call me a Johnny come lately, a bandwagon jumper, etc. I like what I am watching. It passes the time well and I won’t have to be in suspense that much for the 7th season as I will time my viewings just right for it. The 7th and 8th seasons should be the big payoff, but I have a good idea who will win the whole thing.


Because it IS a medieval fantasy, thus based on that kind of society (sort of, of course) =P


The young dragonlady… no matter where she goes, in the end she winds up taking over and running the place.

EDIT: That is the storyline I have a small critique with as it is getting formulaic:

  1. She goes into a city
  2. She meets the heads of the city who don’t take her seriously as they laugh at her.
  3. She winds up having the last laugh as she kills them all and takes over.
  4. The slaves she frees end up worshiping her and follow her where she goes adding to her following and legend.


I am at the part where x gets his hand chopped off…

The more I watch the more I am into it and understand the funny memes…

As for that light skinned translator/assistant to the young dragon mom… I got dibs on the translator as my future wife. :smile:

…thus speaks the “happening” kind of guy. :smile: :smile: :smile:


You might have to fight @garjones for her.


Back again…

I won’t give you a step by step commentary on where I am in S3, but some eps drag to give you more background whereas others advance the story.

Some characters are gratuitously snippy, bitchy, sadistic and cruel. In some of them it seems forced but I digress. I really like the Diana Rigg character as she tells it like it is and that red witch is creepy. I feel bad for Arya as her childhood is going away, She has to grow up too fast.

I still stand by the dragonmom Dany and the formulaic storytelling I posted a few posts up.

I learned never attend a wedding reception in the show.

…and they save the most action for eps 9 and the finale.

All in all, a great show to watch in the winter when things are slow for me.

Next… season 4.


It is a little hard to keep track of who is who, but there are wiki web pages and that is good.

Strange, but I have no sympathy for the characters who were dismembered and some of the sadism is over the top and seems forced at times.

Still, it is slow and somewhat boring during the holidays and these episodes fit the bill…

19 more to go and I am all caught up.


It’s just a couple of stills. Nothing spoilery:


So I am into season 4 and I can tell they couldn’t have 2 characters being vicious so they got rid of one to focus on the other.

I know what happens to Ramsey in the end but I am none too crazy about seeing him be gratuitously sadistic for so long. I don’t buy it as it is too over the top imho, and I don’t feel that sorry for the broken Theon. The show is starting to drag with this Kings Landing intrigue, the North stuff, and the now formulaic Dany storyline.

Aside from some characters being over the top in being bitchy and cruel, the other is how the white haired dragonmom is being seen as some kind of goddess among predominantly people of color in the East where she is building an army and navy.

That is my critique for now as the show is giving me mixed feelings: some good, some ok, some storylines that could have been better.


Haters gonna hate.


I don’t hate the show mind you, but I can see some of its flaws…

King Joffrey was a big brat to me and Theon was a dick (no pun). Call me warped but Theon wasn’t that strong a character to begin with so “breaking” him to me wasn’t all that disturbing to me… Ramsey isn’t all that disturbing either so far and I still stand by not liking Dany as a goddess to people of color in the East.

The only storyline I really feel for is little Arya who has to grow up too fast.

Now it is on to Kings Landing (post Joffrey), Arya’s little arc, and some Jon Snow.


This is something we discussed before in a GoT thread, and a lot of people felt that way. I can’t say I disagree with that criticism, either.

What, no love for poor Tyrion?

I thought both King’s Landing and the North were great in that season, but that really only starts to happen after the mid-point or so. It all gets jolly exciting towards the end of the season.


Tyrion is interesting as right now in my viewing of s4, he is under arrest for allegedly poisoning King Joffrey.

I saw bits and pieces of s5 and all of s6 so I know what happens to Ramsay, Arya, etc.

I like the fat guy taking the girl and the baby, and the journey of the paralyzed Stark kid with Hodor and others.

There are gaps that I will fill in due time.


Exactly. The story of how all that turns out is pretty great.


For fans of MMA and the UFC:


I have 15 eps to go, but I really don’t want to see the show drag with too much of Ramsey and Theon, Dany as a goddess, and other characters being gratuitously snippy and bitchy.

I wish I could see more of Missadei though.

I know what happens to Ramsey and what the red witch really looks like from season 6…

Anyway… on to the next episodes.


Game of Thrones’ Ellie Kendrick Won’t Rule Out the Possibility That Jon & Meera Are Twins


That’s kinda one of the show’s things though.