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Game of Thrones - the TV show (Spoilers for the TV show)


I suppose someone will have to survive, though… I’d like for it to be Tyrion, really. Dany having broken the wheel, he’s the one building the new world.

I could also see Dany surviving. Also any of the bad guys, of course, if the wheel just keeps turning in the end. Jon Snow… maybe, but he’s more than marked for a mayrtyr’s death.


There’s also the Kingsmoot in the Iron Islands, but they mostly glossed over that in the TV series.


Oh yes, I forgot about that.


And the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Done that.

Speaking of medieval government systems;


Emilia Clarke Is Having The Worst Time Filming ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7


Are they doing a crossover with a 30-year old episode of Coronation Street?


Wearer Of Bonnets needs to be added to her increasingly unwieldy list of titles.


No, you’re confused. It was an episode of Are You Being Served?. It was the one where Mrs Slocombe became “Mother of Dragons” for a day.


The producers said they delayed shooting of the next season so that all the weather would be more wintery.

I suspect they were hoping for frost and snow, not drizzle.


After 7 years you’d think they’d be used to Irish weather.


Drizzle is coming


I think you’re spot on with that. GRR is pulling all sorts of history when making the story (he seems more comfortable with that than the actual dragons and ice walkers to be honest), so I expect her to push some sort of weakening of the houses, the maesters to start bringing education to the masses, and more Magna Carta-esque rights for the common people. She’s had time in Slavers bay for a reason I assume. Almost all the great houses are in ruins now so they can’t really get back to normal after the story ends.


That’s something that I hadn’t really thought about, but it fits too (and brings the subplot with Sam back into things more meaningfully).


Game of Thrones: Lyanna Mormont Is Definitely Returning for Season 7


The tagline for the new series “Game of Couches”?



Yes but Emilia Clarke has escaped it until now. :smile:

The producers have not spent enough time in Belfast if they thought later shooting would bring snow and not just more drizzle and greyness.


Shockingly, a lot of the Dothraki scenes were shot in the North back in series 1. I was actually surprised to discover this watching the making of on the DVDs.


I’m sure they’re making the best of it. If nothing else, it’s new to Dany, and they can add some frost and snow later.